Peacock screens Prince Andrew Se* Assault Documentary. Prince Andrew: Banished


Peacock screens Prince Andrew Se* Assault Documentary. Prince Andrew: Banished
Peacock screens Prince Andrew Se* Assault Documentary. Prince Andrew: Banished

Narcissistic, spoiled brat and idiot are just some qualifications attributed to the disgraced son of Queen Elizabeth, known for lust and friendship with pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, in Peacock's documentary "Prince Andrew: Banished".

"Peacock," NBC's streaming service named after its distinctive colorful rooster logo, has released a documentary about a man accused of se*ually abusing minors. The tarnished reputation of Buckingham Palace, dysfunctional daughters-in-law who (do not) fit into court protocol, and rebellious princes have long been filling the columns of the yellow press.

Those who read them are comforted by the belief that the rich cry too. However, Prince Andrew ended up in the tabloids after he found himself in bad company, namely in the obscure milieu of convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Not long after that, he was also in court, facing accusations of the most heinous acts, which concern se*ual offenses. These are not the trendy accusations of women who remember that at the beginning of their careers they went to the same hotel room five times where they were raped, which caused psychological damage, but somehow paid off in fame and dollars.

The description of the film "Banished" says that it is the story of how Prince Andrew's lust and scandals, as well as his friendship with Epstein, almost brought down the British monarchy.

"Prince Andrew: Banished"

In the country that invented tabloids, ambushes of photojournalists who sit in trees or dig through celebrities' trash, Prince Andrew was the subject through which journalists made generous careers, but none of them today (like the interlocutors in the film) have a good opinion about the second son of the deceased of Queen Elizabeth.

Following his life from birth to middle-aged days, the authors of the documentary film "Prince Andrew: Banished" ask questions of palace guards, tabloid journalists, and court officials, none of whom have a positive opinion of the Playboy prince.

They are all familiar with the manner of the renegade royal, and no one is too surprised that the tentacles of this strange behavior reach Epstein. It was a kind of decade-long privileged gratification of se*ual appetites, the dirty laundry of which scandalized the public only when Virginia Roberts Guiffre, a victim of se* trafficking by Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, sued Andrew for molestation.

Virginia Roberts Guiffre filed the lawsuit after the now-infamous photo was released showing the royal putting his hand around her bare stomach when she was underage. The outcome of the court process was a settlement, and it is not known how many pounds this 39-year-old woman needed to drop all the charges.

The question is how far these sleazy pizzas go, given that the whole society is connected to another pedophile story that scandalized the world, and it concerns the former BBC presenter Jimmy Savile, whose actions were discussed in detail in the Netflix documentary "Jimmy Savile: British Horror Story" However, Buckingham Palace and the public are busy with other Netflix projects these days.

The delayed documentary of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will be shown in December, while the fifth season of the series "The Crown" will see the light of the streaming service on November 9. The dust was raised by the synopsis of the new season, which talks about Charles's conspiracy to dethrone the Queen of the British monarchy, but also the debatable depiction of the last days of Lady Di's life.

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