Kevin Costner's 'Horizon' Chapter 2 Pulled After Chapter 1 Flops

Horizon's sequel stalls amid first film's ongoing screenings.

by Nouman Rasool
Kevin Costner's 'Horizon' Chapter 2 Pulled After Chapter 1 Flops
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Kevin Costner's ambitious Western saga, Horizon has hit a major snag. The highly anticipated sequel, previously scheduled for an Aug. 16 theatrical release, has been pulled from the calendar entirely. Ultimately another blow for Costner's project, which started with an underwhelming reaction to the initial installment.

Horizon: An American Saga - Chapter 1 which was released on June 28th came as both a critical and box office disappointment. Expectations were high with a $100 million budget (Costner personally funded $38 million of that amount) and yet another collaboration between director McFarlane, the actor/director.

However, the film fell on its face upon entering theaters during a moderate opening of about $11 million and has basically sputtered since then making only $23-million dollars worldwide to date (according to Box Office Mojo).

Horizon Release Delayed

Distributors Territory Pictures and New Line Cinema announced the delay for its follow-up film. In separate comments to The Hollywood Reporter and Deadline, the companies said that they want "to provide audiences with even more time to enjoy the first chapter of Horizon in theaters for a few more weeks before reaching out further into cinemas." The first movie is still playing in some theaters and will be available July 16 on VOD with an eventual HBO Max release date to-be-determined.

Originally, the "Horizon" rollout protocol envisioned Chapter 1 and its follow-up arriving in swift succession for a one-two punch-but that was before Chapter 1 sputtered on release. Certain MoviePass fans who pre-bought tickets to the second movie now qualify for reimbursement This marks Costner's first time behind the camera since Open Range in 2003.

Horizon has been a passion project of Grady's, one which was birthed over 30 years ago. The 13-hour epic world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival was greeted with a seven-minute standing ovation, albeit it faced critical drubbing and recalls of multiple walkouts (Variety had more details about that).

Troubling times for the movie come simultaneous to Costner's exit from Yellowstone, his hit TV series. Costner formally announced his departure after he became embroiled in scheduling conflicts with series creator Taylor Sheridan.

He confessed to GQ that script hold ups for "Yellowstone" battled with "Horizon"'s production and it drove him nuts. In a People interview, Costner touched on the difficulties he faced and how this disappointment over "Yellowstone" allegedly not promoting his input came up.

With Costner currently shooting the third entry in "The Horizon," film scheduling waits on a theatrical deal as well for delivery of part 2. What does that mean for the rest of this planned four-parter and ultimately, can Costner bring his passion project out into the world with as much accolades an he undoubtedly dreams?

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