Sci-Fi Western 'Outer Range' of Josh Brolin Axed After Two Seasons

Josh Brolin reflects on unique TV project challenges.

by Nouman Rasool
Sci-Fi Western 'Outer Range' of Josh Brolin Axed After Two Seasons
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Now, Amazon Prime Video has pulled the plug on its new sci-fi Western series "Outer Range." The Josh Brolin-starring show was canceled after its second season. Entertainment Weekly, which reported the decision Brolin stars as Wyoming rancher Royal Abbott in "Outer Range," which first came to be on Amazon Prime Video back in the spring of 2022.

Portents of a mystery-filled life for Abbott come in threes when he finds himself walking across his field and looking into the black void alongside one which prefaces the arrival of Imogen Poots as drifter named Autumn (significant name) on screen.

Oscar nominee Josh Brolin ("No Country for Old Men," 2007) has entered the world of television with "Outer Range." He told Entertainment Weekly that starring in a TV show was intimidating and exciting. It scared me, so I did.

Brolin said ahead of the season two premiere: 'It's a big swing, and I like that'

Sci-Fi Western Challenges

But "Outer Range" was not your standard Western, with sci-fi elements that posed different kinds of problems. In a May interview, Brolin said,"We were really figuring it out the first season.

It was a brilliant idea but... it never really turned out in the way I wanted to have declared final. Brolin likened all of it to "the ayahuasca trip you're afraid to take," meaning a darker, more contemplative path than simply robot-attacking-hosts-i-take-over-world. The Hollywood Reporter said "Outer Range" performed well with viewers, but it wasn't enough to get a third season.

It is a bummer, as the series marked Brolin's return to TV in more than 20. In the end, his portrayal of Royal Abbott was a substantial professional chapter for him as it managed to co-mingle tried and true Western motifs with science-fiction wrinkles into a show that - for better or worse - attempted more than many around.