"Baby Reindeer" Creator Unveils New HBO Drama Series

Top executives laud Richard Gadd's upcoming drama series

by Zain ul Abedin
"Baby Reindeer" Creator Unveils New HBO Drama Series
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Scottish writer and comedian Richard Gadd, who brings to life "Baby Reindeer," is set to go into on a new exciting project with HBO and BBC. The up-and-coming drama series Lions will depict the complex and frequently strained connection between two men for almost 40 years.

The show, which will have six episodes in total, will focus on the characters of Niall and Ruben, who will be as close as actual brother and brother. HBO's The Sopranos, The Wire, and Oz are some of the shows that impressed Gadd during his childhood, and he was happy to be associated with the project.

"It has always been a dream of mine to work with HBO and be part of their iconic roster of shows," he said in a statement. The story starts at Niall’s wedding and Ruben showing up, and the two of them getting into a fight.

This event allows for a look into the two characters' history as they follow their path from childhood friends to enemies. It will focus on the dynamics of their friendship and their subsequent drift in the later seasons with the help of effective writing and characterization.

Executives Praise 'Lions'

Kara Buckley, the senior vice president of HBO drama programming, said, "We are tremendously excited to partner with the BBC and Richard Gadd, whose remarkable talent continues to make waves across the globe.

With this new, gripping, and evocative series, we are proud to welcome Richard to the HBO family." Lindsay Salt, director of BBC drama, also praised the project: "We are delighted that HBO are joining us to bring Richard Gadd’s exquisite Lions scripts to the screen.

This is bold, brilliant, one-of-a-kind storytelling, and we can’t wait for viewers to see it." Gadd will be not only writing but also executive producing the series "Lions." Alexandra Brodski and Eshref Reybrouck will direct the series and Wendy Griffin will be the producer.

The executive producers are Tally Garner and Morven Reid from Mam Tor Productions, Gaynor Holmes is for the BBC and Gavin Smith is for BBC Scotland. This comes at the wake of other recent events involving Gadd particularly a lawsuit filed by a woman who claims to have been portrayed in "Baby Reindeer" and accused Netflix of defamation and is seeking for damages in the form of all the proceeds from the series, this shows the society’s continued struggle and complications in Gadd’s working environment.