Prison Break’ Duo Dominic Purcell & Wentworth Miller Reunite for 'Snatchback' Drama

TV Brothers Reunite for Gritty New Hostage Recovery Series.

by Nouman Rasool
Prison Break’ Duo Dominic Purcell & Wentworth Miller Reunite for 'Snatchback' Drama
© Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Viewers of the much-acclaimed prison drama Prison Break have a reason to celebrate since Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller, two main cast members, are to appear together in a new television drama. The two will be the lead cast of a new drama series in the pipeline at Universal Television, titled “Snatchback”, reported by Variety.

The series is at the development stage and produced by Scott Rosenbaum, the highly acclaimed television series The Shield. Purcell is an actor, creator, and showrunner for Snatchback. He also serves as an executive producer in the series along with his wife, Tish Cyrus-Purcell, and producer Dannah Axelrod Summers.

This show is based on the actual operations of a spy who is still working as one of the principal photography crew. It will focus on a privately hired squad of agents who are involved in rescuing kidnapped individuals from hazardous environments worldwide.

High-Stakes Hostage Drama

“A high-concept, high-stakes, emotionally resonant story about an incredibly real and riveting team of private contractors specializing in hostage negotiation and extraction, Rosenbaum has given us Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller together again, playing these extraordinary men who belong to a real-life professional hostage rescue team,” Cyrus-Purcell enthusiastically said of the “emotionally charged and cannot-miss drama.

” Purcell and Miller began their television careers in the redemptive story of convict brothers Lincoln Burrows and Michael Scofield on FOX’s smash “Prison Break. ” Both stars are believed to share incredible on-screen and off-screen chemistry, and they can depict the complicated feelings of two characters who are tied by close bonds in the movie; therefore, “Snatchback” will also benefit from their collaboration in the movie.

Other than “Prison Break,” Miller famously wrote the screenplay for the thriller “Stoker,” while Purcell has appeared in numerous roles spanning over two decades in the industry. Rosenbaum is involved in the creation of many popular shows such as “The Shield,” “Chuck,” and “Queen of the South.

” With such an idea and a stellar cast and crew both in front of the camera and behind it, “Snatchback” will be the next big show to watch when it comes to dramas.