Daniel Ezra Departs 'All American' After Season 6

Daniel Ezra's Memorable Farewell from 'All American' After Six Seasons.

by Nouman Rasool
Daniel Ezra Departs 'All American' After Season 6
© Alekandra London/Getty Images

Fans of the CW Network’s hit drama “All American” will be saying goodbye to the series after six dynamic seasons; where Daniel Ezra, who plays Spencer James with exceptional skill and sensitivity, has been leading the show from the start.

However, Deadline clarifies that he will not be a part of the series anymore as a regular cast member at least for the seventh season of the show that has just been ordered. Check out the final episode of season 6, “Victory Lap,” with Spencer, who gets a long-awaited promotion and comes to terms with himself and his past.

Nevertheless, he makes it to the NFL draft, which is indeed his way to the big leagues. The episode also reveals his future as he asks Olivia (Samantha Logan) to marry him at the Super Bowl, signifying new beginnings. According to Nkechi Okoro Carroll, the showrunner, the current season will concentrate on Spencer and Olivia's wedding and thus give a fitting end to the popular character.

The creative direction agreed upon by both parties will ensure that it is free from rumored budget cuts and let Ezra’s storyline get the ending it deserves after six glorious seasons.

Ezra's Graceful Exit

Ezra will not be a regular cast member of the show any longer but return for the seventh season as a guest star.

His exit was not acrimonious, but as he said, “I aimed to ensure that Spencer’s character had a fitting send-off,” which, through the creative team of the show, did a good job in giving season six a befitting theme of being Spencer’s final season, “I will miss playing Spencer as much as I will miss the cast and crew” Aside from terrific acting, Ezra has contributed creatively to “All American” by exercising his directorial skills.

It is, therefore, evident that the person has directed several episodes, among them the 100th episode. Carroll, the showrunner, expressed his appreciation for his work and confirmed that the actor would continue to be part of the series, occasionally also helping with directing: “It is always a privilege to work with Daniel, and we are delighted he is going to stay with us both in front of and behind the camera.

” In the passage from “All American” to the next-gen focus, Ezra leaves a legacy. Supported by top-notch production companies like Greg Berlanti and Sarah Schechter, the new series is expected to present new protagonists who will continue the legacy Ezra worked on.