Escape Artists, Will Smith And Sony To Partner In The Sci-Fi Thriller ‘Resistor’

Smith's next big project after "Bad Boys" success.

by Nouman Rasool
Escape Artists, Will Smith And Sony To Partner In The Sci-Fi Thriller ‘Resistor’
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Following the box office triumph of Sony Pictures' 'Bad Boys: Beastly ', which has surpassed the $100 million milestone, the studio and the charismatic Will Smith are gearing up for their next cinematic venture. Smith, known for his roles in 'Ride or Die ', is all set to lead the cast of the highly anticipated science fiction film, 'Resistor', which is being premiered by Lee in collaboration with Sony.

As the movie is based on Daniel Suarez's bestselling novel "Influx", the name "Resistor" makes perfect sense. Zak Olkewicz is also credited with the earliest draft script for this movie; Eric Warren Singer for the final draft.

It will be produced by Todd black from the Escape Artists Company, Jason Blumenthal, Steve Tisch, and Tony Shaw. In contrast, Jon Mone produces it through Westbrook Studios alongside Smith as the Executive Producers with Heather Washington.

Dave Wilson is also making more. Without revealing any concrete gameplay details, the central hook of the 2014 novel revolves around particle physicist Jon Grady and his crew stumble upon an apparatus that reflects gravity.

This significant tech is set to bring a shift in physics and the future as well. However, instead of receiving the acclaim that he had desired and deserved, his lab was closed and taken over by a mysterious organization that is called the Bureau of Technology Control (BTC).

Battle for Humanity

The mission of the BTC is clear: it exists to put an end to revolutionary technologies and, as a result, to avoid the social change that they could bring. The future is not something that is in the future, but it exists in the present, and the aim is that it is only attached to a few people.

He, too, removes himself voluntarily from the project when he is imprisoned in a futuristic high-security pen for wayward brains along with several other rebels. THE INMATES MUST BATTLE FOR THE VERY SOULS OF HUMANITY. How can Grady and his fellow inmates bring back the light and unmask the BTC for what it truly is? This has been in the works for some time, with Escape Artists having focused on this project.

The studio and producers noted it when Singer served an excellent script from which they saw an opportunity of offering the role for Smith. With the positive tracking for "Bad Boys: Although Warners only found out about the high-concept pitch for the film 'Ride or Die' before its production, the studio was keen on having another film with the star.

Following the success of "Bad Boys, "Ride or Die," which was able to give a new twist to the summer box office with $113,000,000 domestic and $215.5 million global opening, Smith has officially signed him up for "Resistor." At the moment, there is no director yet attached, but more pitch meetings should take place within the next couple of weeks.

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