‘Wake Up Dead Man’: Rian Johnson Unveils ‘Knives Out 3’ Title and 2025 Release Date

Rian Johnson stirs intrigue with a cryptic online post.

by Nouman Rasool
‘Wake Up Dead Man’: Rian Johnson Unveils ‘Knives Out 3’ Title and 2025 Release Date
© Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

The Academy Award-nominated director of the recent series "Knives Out," Rian Johnson, revealed the title of his long-gestating third feature: "Wake Up Dead Man." Set for a 2025 release, notice dropped alongside a haunting trailer posted to X that had mystery aficionados worldwide buzzing Friday morning.

Charming super-sleuth Benoit Blanc, played by the dapper Daniel Craig, is back, narrating the teaser for what has to be his messiest case yet. In voiceover, Craig reflects upon how far he's come since Knives Out (2019) and Glass Onion (2022), which sets up what he calls his "most dangerous case yet." "Wake Up Dead Man" is meant to solidify the new alliance between Johnson and Netflix, which began with a staggering $450 million pact for two sequels.

This one started the party rolling with "Glass Onion," which, despite a very small initial release in theaters that netted $13 million, instantly clicked with an audience once it got an early wide release on Netflix.

Creative Teaser Reveal

Johnson had, earlier in the day, spearheaded his creativity with an image of a Pokémon egg appearing under his social media messages, provoking some playful deceit before revealing the true nature of his announcement.

He really showed what he feels for this genre, in which he believes there is much versatility and can be picked up by tones that go from John Dickson Carr to Agatha Christie. However, Johnson is getting ready to start production and his schedule is as packed as ever.

Besides "Wake Up Dead Man," he is currently developing the second season of the Peacock mystery series "Poker Face," starring Natasha Lyonne, and prepping for Warner Bros-attached projects in development after recently inking a two-picture pact.

A motion picture coming out on Netflix will only accentuate the changing way that major movies are being released and how this streamer is really becoming the top distributor of truly quality entertainment right into people's homes.

Thus, the teaser for "Wake Up Dead Man" will welcome fans of the show and fresh viewers alike, promising another thrilling detective story with Benoit Blanc.