"Horizon: Chapter 1" by Kevin Costner Premieres at Cannes

Kevin Costner's passion project debuts at Cannes after 35 years.

by Nouman Rasool
 "Horizon: Chapter 1" by Kevin Costner Premieres at Cannes
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Marking a return to the limelight of movie giant Kevin Costner, the grand unveiling of his ambitious saga, "Horizon: An American Saga," is set to captivate the cinematic world as it has been announced for the prestigious Cannes Film Festival.

This large-scale, epic series of many episodes is poised not to compete, but to leave audiences aghast at a resplendent tapestry of American history with an enormous ensemble cast. More than being a film, "Horizon" is a journey through the annals of American manifest destiny portrayed with a heady blend of individual stories and monolithic events.

The project boasts a very starry line-up, including Sienna Miller, Sam Worthington, Giovanni Ribisi, and Jena Malone, with Costner setting the stage for a series that promises to be as deeply human as it is grand of the scope.

Slated to hit theatres on June 28, "Chapter 1" will be followed by "Chapter 2" on August 16, from Warner Bros. Expectations are already high for what is being described as a multi-chapter saga. The first Cannes report rather curiously said that all four chapters will be released rapidly, though it became pretty clear that the latter two parts are still very much in the pipeline.

It's likely to excite and excite fans and critics.

Horizon's Cannes Return

Kevin Costner said that "all of them" were excited and said, "For our film to be included in the Cannes program is quite wonderful." The actor went on to say that the selection noted the festival's tradition of support for such cinematic efforts and also the importance of "going back to Cannes" 20 years.

"Horizon: An American Saga" is much more than a return to storytelling for Costner; it was a deeply personal project that the star had managed to get off the ground himself after more than 35 years, so its premiere at Cannes would be even more poignant.

The festival, over time, gained acclaim as the place where the eclectic choice and celebration of cinematic excellence meet and open to the Croisette with the film "Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga" and at the same time open with "The Second Act" by Quentin Dupieux—again, a gesture pointing at the mission of the festival to showcase a wide spectrum of great filmmaking talent.

Expected to be much awaited in the "Horizon's" lineup on May 19, it gives a peek into Costner's visionary portrayal of America's troubled history and the sacrifices that created a nation.

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