Tom Cruise Set for 'Top Gun 3' at Paramount

Paramount Pictures sets sights on 'Top Gun' franchise continuation.

by Zain ul Abedin
Tom Cruise Set for 'Top Gun 3' at Paramount
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Renowned actor Tom Cruise is once again poised to take flight in the highly anticipated third installment of the iconic "Top Gun" franchise. Sources close to the project have disclosed to CNN that Paramount Pictures is currently laying the groundwork for another exhilarating chapter in the saga of high-octane aviation.

While still in its nascent stages, the development of the screenplay for this latest sequel follows the trajectory set by its predecessors, including the 2022 hit "Top Gun: Maverick" and the original blockbuster released in 1986.

Franchise Power Trio Reunites

Although formal agreements have yet to be solidified, insights gathered by CNN suggest a concerted effort to reunite the formidable team behind the franchise's success. This includes the triumvirate of Cruise himself, esteemed producer Jerry Bruckheimer, and director Joseph Kosinski.

Furthermore, given the narrative continuity from "Maverick," there's speculation that supporting actors Miles Teller and Glen Powell may also reprise their roles alongside Cruise. While details of the script remain fluid, esteemed screenwriter Ehren Kruger, who contributed to the script of "Top Gun: Maverick," is reportedly crafting the initial draft, signaling a promising foundation for the project's creative direction.

Paramount Pictures has opted to maintain silence regarding these developments, and representatives for Cruise have refrained from providing further insights. The genesis of this latest installment in the "Top Gun" franchise doesn't come as a shock, considering the resounding triumph of "Top Gun: Maverick." The film soared to unprecedented heights, becoming the highest-grossing entry in Cruise's illustrious career, raking in nearly $1.5 billion globally.

Its remarkable success was underscored by an impressive six Oscar nominations, including nods for Best Picture and Adapted Screenplay, with a win in the Sound category. News of Cruise's return to the cockpit coincides with recent reports from CNN, revealing the Hollywood luminary's non-exclusive partnership with Warner Bros.

Discovery to spearhead the development and production of theatrical releases. This collaboration underscores Cruise's enduring influence and commitment to delivering cinematic excellence on a global scale.

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