The New Movie Revealing Titanic's Untold Aftermath"

Exploring a new angle on a century-old tragedy.

by Zain ul Abedin
The New Movie Revealing Titanic's Untold Aftermath"
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On the brink of commemorating the tragic sinking of the Titanic, a new cinematic exploration titled "Unsinkable: Titanic Untold" is poised to make waves in select theaters nationwide on April 12, just two days shy of the historical event's anniversary.

The enduring fascination with the Titanic's fateful voyage continues to captivate audiences worldwide, a narrative vividly captured in various cinematic renditions, most memorably in the 1997 blockbuster featuring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet.

This latest film sheds light on a lesser-known chapter of the Titanic saga. "Unsinkable: Titanic Untold" promises a fresh perspective on the aftermath of the Titanic disaster. It focuses on the investigation spearheaded by Senator William Alden Smith and the intrepid undercover journalist Alaine Ricard.

Their quest for the truth unveils the complex interplay of a hasty inquiry, political machinations, and the brave deeds of those aboard the ill-fated liner. The storyline is a testament to human resilience and the quest for accountability amidst corporate malfeasance.

From Play to Screen

The film's journey from concept to screen is as compelling as its plot. Premiering at the Three Rivers Film Festival in Pittsburgh, "Unsinkable" was brought to life by local filmmaker Cody Hartman, who adapted it from Eileen Enwright Hodgetts’ play "Titanic to All Ships," which delves into the Senate's investigation into the disaster.

Hartman’s direction aimed to capture the essence of survivorship, heroism, and sacrifice, as well as the challenges he embraced in recreating the 1912 setting through meticulous attention to set and costume design. Hartman's ambition was not only to transport audiences back to the early 20th century but also to engage with moral and ethical conduct themes in times of crisis.

"Unsinkable" stars Cotter Smith as Senator Smith, Fiona Dourif in the role of Alaine Ricard, alongside Jayne Wisener and Karen Allen in critical roles, under Hartman's direction and Brian Hartman's production. As "Unsinkable: Titanic Untold" readies for its national screening across cities including New York, Boston, Philadelphia, and many more, it invites viewers to immerse themselves in an untold narrative of tragedy, tenacity, and the human spirit's unwavering quest for truth and justice.

This film commemorates a pivotal moment in maritime history and reflects on the timeless questions of human dignity and collective responsibility in the face of adversity.