Disney+ Acquires Korean Espionage Series 'The Tyrant'

Disney+ expands its Korean drama repertoire with 'The Tyrant'.

by Nouman Rasool
Disney+ Acquires Korean Espionage Series 'The Tyrant'
© Anna Webber/Getty Images

Disney+ is set to enrich its expanding collection of Korean dramas with the addition of the highly anticipated action spy thriller, "The Tyrant." This move underscores the platform's commitment to diversifying its offerings with engaging stories from across the globe.

"The Tyrant" is a gripping narrative that unfolds the intense chase for a stolen bioweapon amidst a clandestine exchange between Korean and U.S. intelligence operatives. The plot thickens as it reveals years of secretive research by the Korean government aimed at significantly boosting human capabilities, a project eventually uncovered by U.S.

intelligence. The consequent American outrage leads to a demand for the immediate cessation of the project and the surrender of all research samples. However, the plan goes awry when the exchange is ambushed, forcing agents from both nations to collaborate in preventing the potent formula from landing in malevolent hands.

Stellar Cast Unveiled

The cast features an impressive ensemble including Jo Yoon-soo, known for his roles in "True Beauty" and "Juvenile Justice," as the adept infiltrator Chae Jagyeong. Alongside him, Cha Seung-won portrays the ruthless mercenary Lim Sang, with Kim Seon-ho as Director Choe, the mastermind behind the Korean project, and Kim Kang-woo as the diligent U.S.

intelligence agent Paul. Slated for release on Disney+ later this year, "The Tyrant" marks the streaming debut for Park Hoon-jung, a distinguished figure in the Korean film industry with acclaimed works such as "The Witch" series, "Night in Paradise," and "The Child." Following the resounding success of the superhero saga "Moving," Disney+ has increasingly positioned itself as a prime hub for premier Korean content.

"The Tyrant" joins a stellar lineup of recent acquisitions including "Light Shop" by Kang Full, "Wonderful World" by Kim Ji-eun, and "Uncle Samsik" by Shin Yeon-shick, alongside the anticipated television introduction of "Parasite" star Song Kang-ho.

This strategic expansion not only caters to the growing appetite for Korean dramas but also solidifies Disney+'s role in bringing nuanced, compelling stories to a global audience.