Mark Ruffalo's Hulk Return in 'Captain America: Brave New World'?

Recent developments stir up Marvel Cinematic Universe rumors.

by Nouman Rasool
Mark Ruffalo's Hulk Return in 'Captain America: Brave New World'?
© Robin L Marshall/Getty Images

Breaking news for recent developments that have excited and disappointed Marvel fans: Mark Ruffalo, who is known for his role as the Hulk in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has cleared any confusion about his involvement now.

The rumor of his casting began to spread far and wide after Ruffalo appeared with a bearded look at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. At the festival, during a Q&A session, moderator Anne Thompson took the opportunity to ask Ruffalo about his potential comeback as the Hulk in the 2025 feature film.

After all, the rumors and hype were going on with his affirmation, with a nod and saying, "Yeah, it's going to be great! Fans were quick to anticipate a promising showdown between the character of Bruce Banner, played by Ruffalo, and President Thaddeus 'Thunderbolt' Ross, also known as Red Hulk, being played by none other than the legend, Harrison Ford.

Hulk Casting Confusion

It contributed to the much-hyped anticipation that Ruffalo gets back together with stars, including Anthony Mackie who has brought his career to the level of Captain America. The anticipation was partly because Ruffalo's role in "13 Going On 30" was much celebrated and has even led to it being one of his popular filmographies.

But a more recent report from Variety suggests that it actually sheds new light on the situation. It looks like there may have been a mix-up with Ruffalo's response. The outlet went on to report that the actor misunderstood the question because he took the question as to whether "Brave New World" is the new Marvel movie in general, rather than about his own participation in it.

This explanation has somewhat muffled the excitement the one-word answer of Ruffalo had sent all around the social media networks. The face-off of Hulk against Red Hulk, a plot that has had the fans panting after, it is slipping from the hands apparently.

With the Marvel Cinematic Universe still growing and changing, the community still has to remain open for surprises. Perhaps Ruffalo's role in "Captain America: New World" wasn't exactly what everyone thought it was, but the dynamic and always-changing format of the series leaves that open to anything. For now, fans will have to wait and see what the future holds for their favorite green superhero.