Barbie's Influence Spurred 118% Rise In Bathing Suit Searches

Picking out clothes for your summer trip can feel confusing if you're not sure where to begin. Trends change, and it's hard to know what's cool now and what's not.

by Nikiya Biggs
Barbie's Influence Spurred 118% Rise In Bathing Suit Searches
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Picking out clothes for your summer trip can feel confusing if you're not sure where to begin. Trends change, and it's hard to know what's cool now and what's not. Sometimes, once popular things may not be in style anymore as people's tastes change.

Luckily, the fashion pros at Boohoo checked out Google data to find out what swimwear was trendy this past summer and shared tips on how to wear it. It seems like we'll just have to trust the experts to keep us updated on the latest swimwear trends, as it's tough to keep track of them all!

Nailing The Barbie Look With Soft Pink Hues

Last summer, it was clever to add Barbie-style vibes to our outfits. The bright pink color is eye-catching, and everyone's into it. Searches for 'pink b*kini' went up by 55% worldwide in the past year, making it a sizzling trend for beach parties.

Also, 'pink sandals' searches increased by 49%, giving you the freedom to pick comfy flats or dressy heels for your beach look. But if keeping up with swimwear trends is too much, why not keep it simple and wear inflatable duck costumes to the beach? It's easy and fun!

Fuchsia is like a mix of warm and cool colors. It looks good on most skin tones and makes a bold statement, sure to grab attention (if that's what you want). But if you prefer a softer look that still channels Barbie vibes, pastel pink is a great option.

Putting pink and white together really makes the colors stand out. In the last year, searches for 'white linen skirts' have gone up by 76% worldwide, making it a great choice to spruce up your beach party look. White goes well with everything—it's very convenient!

Boat Bash Essentials

Margot Robbie looked awesome in a black and white striped bathing suit in the latest Barbie movie. Since famous people like her often influence others, what they wear catches a lot of people's awareness.

The fact that so many folks are interested in their outfits shows that there are tons of fashion fans around the world.

But honestly, it's not shocking that searches for 'striped swi*suit' went up by 118% globally in the last year. Embracing Barbie's enduring influence, rocking a striped bathing suit – particularly in classic black and white – is an absolute must for a boat bash, especially when the pattern seamlessly aligns with the theme of the event.

When attending an event, you should wear clothes that match the occasion, or else you will appear out of place. Furthermore, Margot Robbie's Barbie rocked black heels with her bathing suit. However, you can switch it up with some platform sandals.

These babies have seen a 45% overflow in Google searches worldwide in the past year. However, it's not just about style – your look will be on fire, and your feet won't be screaming for mercy all day. But, here's a pro tip: never venture out in heels without a comfy backup.

Trust me, walking barefoot after ditching heels is not the move, at least in my humble opinion.

Floppy Hats

When you're out at sea soaking up the sun all day, a hat is your coolest companion, literally! Nobody wants to be roasted by the sun's relentless heat during their relaxation time.

Plus, floppy hats aren't just groovy accessories for that retro vibe; they've been turning heads globally with a 45% surge in Google searches over the past year.

The Dual Appeal Of One-Shoulder And White Bathing Suits

For those with an adventurous spirit, the urge to hit the water for some paddleboarding, jet skiing, or surfing is undeniable.

But finding attire that's as stylish as it is functional can feel like a quest in itself. And that's where the art of practicality kicks in. The searches for a 'one shoulder swi*suit' have skyrocketed by 100% in the last year worldwide, making it the go-to style for a fashionable summer look.

The best part is that there's no need to stress about wardrobe malfunctions during your aquatic adventures, like those awkward moments when your bathing suit's strings decide to play rebellious. But imagine the scene where you're blissfully swimming, and suddenly your suit unravels, all because those strings weren't pulled tight enough.

That would be a cringe-worthy situation! Meanwhile, searches for 'white swi*suit' have surged by 67% worldwide in the last year. It's a straightforward yet timeless option, and with such high demand, there's no doubt this style is having a moment.

Plus, it's guaranteed to accentuate your tan after a day soaking up the sun. Sometimes, simplicity is key, and it's amazing how a modest choice can stand out just as much as if not more than, its flashy counterparts.

The Surge In Global Searches For Paisley Swimwear

Last summer, it was all about rocking patterns, especially when jetting off to Europe.

Whether you're island hopping, hitting the beach, or just lounging by the pool, every moment is an event in Europe, so your swimwear game needs that extra oomph. Who knows, your stylish swimwear might catch the eye of someone important – maybe a modeling agency heavyweight looking for the next star!

You never know who's taking notes. Paisley is making a grand comeback, with worldwide searches for 'paisley b*kini' up 156% on Google in the last year. But 'tie dye swi*suit' has also surged by 86%, and 'floral b*kini' isn't far behind with a 39% increase.

From Paisley to Tie Dye, and from Floral to One-Shoulder styles, the bathing suit scene is veering toward the wonderfully unique.

Why The Crochet Bucket Hat Is A Must-Have Accessory

Accessories should never be overlooked, and the 'crochet bucket hat' has seen a 38% surge in global Google searches over the past year.

It's a definite essential to rock with your bathing suit. Opting for a gentle color, such as white or cream, is the key to striking the perfect balance – complementing your bathing suit without stealing the spotlight.

In the realm of fashion, color coordination is crucial. While some random color combos may look great, it's not always the case. Often, the colors you pair together need to harmonize, ensuring your outfit doesn't end up looking tacky.

Crochet Bags And Cat Eye Sunglasses - Top Beach Picks!

No beach day is complete without your must-haves like sunblock and towels. So grab a crochet bag to complement your hat, and you'll be in style like Tyra Banks. Searches for crochet bags shot up by 57% in the past year!

And for those peepers, 'cat eye sunglasses' searches have skyrocketed by 72% worldwide in the last 12 months. Therefore, toss those shades into your bag – gotta shield your eyes with some sass!

Crochet Top And Skirt Combo Rules The Shoreline

When you're soaking up the sun on a beach vacation, a cover-up becomes your best friend.

You could be taking a lunch break to cool off or just want to rock some trendy accessories. Whichever it is, a crochet top and skirt combo is the ultimate beach ensemble. Plus, with searches for 'crochet top' spiking by 48% and 'crochet skirt' soaring by 52% worldwide in the past year, it's clear that this stylish duo is all the rage.

Most of us prefer a bit of coverage when strolling certain areas of the beach. And let's not forget the importance of protecting your backside when sitting on public furniture. Catching anything on our skin is not something we want to happen!

Boohoo Spokespersons' Commentary

A spokesperson from Boohoo has commented: "It's always exciting having a summer vacation planned, whether it be a girls' trip or a romantic getaway – but that's not to say the stress of finding the perfect outfits can get in the way."

"Thankfully, Google data shows so many summer trends for swimwear and accessories to make the vacation planning much easier, so this guide can offer inspiration, whatever your itinerary."