Chris Rock to Direct 'Another Round' Remake

Chris Rock Expands His Creative Horizons in Film.

by Nouman Rasool
Chris Rock to Direct 'Another Round' Remake
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Renowned comedian and filmmaker Chris Rock is set to take the director's chair once again, this time for a high-profile project involving Appian Way and Makeready production, backed by the Fifth Season. This latest endeavor places Rock at the helm of the remake of the 2020 critically acclaimed black comedy "Another Round," originally directed by Thomas Vinterberg.

The original film not only garnered widespread praise but also clinched the BAFTA and Oscar for Best International Film, setting a high bar for Rock's upcoming adaptation. Chris Rock's involvement in "Another Round" extends beyond directing; he is also on board as a producer.

The project represents a collaborative effort between Fifth Season Makeready and Appian Way, bringing together a stellar production team. Brad Weston and Collin Creighton are spearheading the production for Makeready, while Jennifer Davisson joins alongside the iconic Leonardo DiCaprio for Appian Way.

The script, initially drafted by Stuart Bloomberg, is set for a fresh perspective as the team plans to bring on a new writer to work closely with Rock.

Rock's Directorial Expansion

This new assignment adds to Rock's growing list of directorial projects.

He is already engaged in writing an untitled project with producer Peter Rice and is developing a Universal-based adaptation of Jonathan Eig's book "King: A Life," centered on the life of Martin Luther King Jr. Rock's directorial prowess was firmly established with "Top Five," a film he wrote and directed, which became a major talking point at the 2014 Toronto Film Festival.

The film's success was marked by Paramount Pictures acquiring world rights in what was the festival's biggest deal that year. Chris Rock's career, spanning several decades, showcases his versatility and talent. Apart from directing, he has earned accolades in various domains of entertainment, including three Grammy awards and four Emmy awards.

His directorial works such as "I Think I Love My Wife" and "Head of State" have contributed to his reputation as a multi-faceted artist in the entertainment industry. With "Another Round," Rock is set to bring his unique vision and style to a story that has already captured the hearts of audiences worldwide, promising a fresh and exciting take on an already beloved film.

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