Sebastian Stan's MCU Return in Doubt?

Sebastian Stan gears up for an exciting Marvel comeback.

by Nouman Rasool
Sebastian Stan's MCU Return in Doubt?
© Jerod Harris/Getty Images

Hollywood's own Sebastian Stan, celebrated for his role as the Winter Soldier in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), has recently stirred excitement with confirmation of his return to the beloved superhero franchise. This revelation came during the world premiere of A24's latest drama, 'A Different Man', at the Sundance Film Festival, where Stan stars alongside Adam Pearson and Renate Reinsve.

In a conversation at the Variety Studio, supported by Audible, with director Aaron Schimberg, Stan delved into the intricate themes of 'A Different Man' The film, intriguingly, centers around an emerging actor grappling with a facial deformity, who undergoes a radical surgery altering his appearance, an act that ultimately leads to his downfall.

Stan Confirms MCU Return

Amid discussions about this new cinematic venture, Stan addressed his anticipated return to the MCU, exciting fans worldwide. He confirmed his reprisal of the iconic Winter Soldier/Bucky Barnes character in the upcoming 'Thunderbolts' project.

"I'm excited. I'm heading back in about a month or so. I've missed it," Stan remarked, expressing his eagerness to rejoin the Marvel family. He acknowledged the recent box office challenges faced by Marvel but remained optimistic, citing the franchise's high success rate and his positive experiences.

The actor also shared insights into his challenging role in 'A Different Man' The film, completed in a brisk 22 days, demanded Stan to undergo extensive makeup procedures, lasting up to two hours, to portray a character with a facial deformity.

He spoke with Variety's Matt Donnelly about the transformative process. Adam Pearson, a British actor known for his role in 'Under the Skin' and living with neurofibromatosis, expressed hope that 'A Different Man' will pave the way for more diverse and inclusive representation of actors with facial deformities in the film industry.

As anticipation builds, 'A Different Man' is expected to hit theaters courtesy of A24 sometime in 2024. This film, along with Stan's return to the MCU, marks a significant moment in the actor's career, showcasing his versatility and commitment to diverse roles in cinema.