Will Smith: I have made tons of mistakes


Will Smith: I have made tons of mistakes
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Will Smith is an actor who has been attracting a lot of attention for a long time. This great actor admitted during the Red Sea International Film Festival Saturday that there are many things in his career that he regrets, and he is aware that he has made many mistakes.

When you are a famous person and when you are constantly under scrutiny, it is sometimes difficult to control yourself in these situations. “I have made tons of mistakes,” he said at the Red Sea International Film Festival Saturday, as quoted by pagesix.com!

As we have already said, being a famous person is not easy. Your every move is monitored, and reactions follow immediately after; no matter whether positive or negative. When you are praised, you feel great, but you are aware that in the next moment you will receive negative comments and criticism.

Smith was just talking about it. “Fame is a unique monster. You can’t get too excited when people say good things about you because then when people say bad things about you, you struggle and suffer more”.

Will Smith is ready to make changes

This popular actor has decided to make changes in his career and move in the right direction.

With experience, he realized where he was most wrong. However, Smith will take new steps towards his goal. “I have to be clear about who I am and what I am attempting to do in the world”. After the incident at the Oscars, Smith was banned from the ceremony for the next ten years.

He accepted such a decision and regrets everything. “I accept and respect the Academy’s decision,” Smith said. Smith will do everything to change and become a role model. “And at the same time, I am deeply human. And I am in the process of perfecting my virtue”.

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