"Totally Killer": A Fresh Take on Time Travel and Slasher Flicks


"Totally Killer": A Fresh Take on Time Travel and Slasher Flicks
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"Totally Killer," the latest addition to the realm of streaming service releases, offers a unique blend of time travel and slasher film elements. This movie, which might initially seem like an under-the-radar choice for a Halloween movie party, turns out to be a surprisingly enjoyable watch.

Back to the Past with a Twist

The story is set in 1986, where a serial killer, known as the Sweet 16 killer, terrorizes a high school by claiming three victims before mysteriously disappearing. Years later, the daughter of one of the surviving girls finds herself transported back to 1987.

Armed with knowledge from the future, she embarks on a mission to stop the killer. Kiernan Shipka stars as the lead, delivering a commendable performance as she navigates the 1980s. The film cleverly utilizes the time travel aspect to poke fun at the era, from the overwhelming presence of cigarette smoke to the lack of modern technology like DNA testing.

A Blend of Genres

"Totally Killer" finds its stride as a fusion of slasher flick cheese, comedy, and a light-hearted parental time travel adventure. The movie doesn't shy away from its comedic elements, although it doesn't always hit the mark with laugh-out-loud moments.

Instead, it offers a steady stream of chuckles and amusing observations about the past. The serial killer element, while central to the plot, is one of the film's weaker aspects. The killer's method, predictably stabbing victims 16 times, lacks the variety often expected in slasher films.

Additionally, the killer's mask and the reveal are somewhat underwhelming, missing opportunities to add depth to the narrative.

Parental Dynamics and Self-Awareness

One of the most enjoyable aspects of "Totally Killer" is the dynamic between the daughter and her parents.

The film acknowledges its parallels with "Back to the Future" but offers a unique take. Imagine if Lorraine and George McFly were less than ideal parents – that's the scenario our protagonist faces, adding a twist to the familiar time travel trope.

"Totally Killer" is not a cinematic deconstruction of the horror genre, but it stands out as a self-aware, fun addition to a Halloween movie night. It's the kind of film to enjoy with friends, lightening the mood with its blend of horror and humor.