Michael Fassbender's Chilling Performance in 'The Killer': A Must-Watch!


Michael Fassbender's Chilling Performance in 'The Killer': A Must-Watch!
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David Fincher's latest film, "The Killer," starring Michael Fassbender, has made its way onto Netflix, offering a gripping portrayal of a hitman's life. The film, as reviewed by Jeremy Jahns, showcases Fincher's mastery in crafting a narrative that is both visually stunning and psychologically complex.

A Slow-Burning Narrative

"The Killer" opens with a compelling first 30 minutes, setting the tone for the rest of the film. Jahns praises this segment for its flawless execution, noting that it effectively climatizes the audience to the film's deliberate pacing.

Michael Fassbender's performance as the lead is highlighted as a standout element, marking his return to cinema after a brief hiatus. The film's narrative centers around Fassbender's character, a contract killer on a quest for vengeance.

Jahns points out that the movie is essentially a one-man show, with Fassbender carrying the weight of the story. The supporting characters, including those played by Tilda Swinton, are transient but impactful, contributing to the film's intense dialogue-driven scenes.

Technical Brilliance and Character Study

Fincher's direction is lauded for its attention to detail, particularly in the camera work and audio design. One notable scene involves a fight with low-frequency sounds that immerse the viewer in the protagonist's perspective.

This creative choice in sound design adds to the film's immersive experience. However, Jahns notes that the film's ending may feel somewhat anticlimactic, suggesting that the journey is more significant than the destination.

"The Killer" is described as a dark, joyless tale of calculated murder, driven by a nihilistic protagonist. Despite its bleakness, Jahns finds the film engaging and worth watching. Interestingly, the movie is based on a graphic novel, a fact that Jahns only recently discovered, sparking his interest in exploring the source material.

Final Thoughts

"The Killer" is not your typical action movie. It's a slow burn, focusing on the process of making a hit and getting away with it. Jahns recommends the film for its top-notch performance by Fassbender and its enthralling narrative.

He expresses hope for a physical release of the film, emphasizing its value as a cinematic piece.