Disney Celebrates 100 Years with 'Wish

Disney's latest animated feature film, 'Wish,' arrives as a celebration of the company's 100-year legacy.

by Faruk Imamovic
Disney Celebrates 100 Years with 'Wish
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Disney's latest animated feature film, 'Wish,' arrives as a celebration of the company's 100-year legacy. However, as Jeremy Jahns' review suggests, the film might be more of a reflection of Disney's current state than a homage to its illustrious past.

Striking a Balance Between Old and New

'Wish' introduces us to Asha, a character living in a kingdom ruled by the sorcerer King Magnifico. The premise revolves around Asha's journey to expose the ruler's fraudulent activities, a narrative that Jahns points out could be seen as an allegory for Disney itself.

The film attempts to blend traditional Disney elements with new ideas, but Jahns questions whether this mix truly works. The animation style, a hybrid of hand-drawn and computer-generated imagery, aims to pay tribute to Disney's animation history.

However, Jahns notes that the execution feels lackluster, with many characters coming across as dull and lifeless. This criticism highlights a potential disconnect between the film's ambitious concept and its on-screen realization.

Character Dynamics and Musical Scores

Chris Pine's portrayal of Magnifico stands out as a highlight, with Jahns describing the character as the most emotive and expressive in the film. However, the supporting characters, including a talking goat and a silent star reminiscent of Mario's Lumas, fail to leave a lasting impression.

Jahns emphasizes the importance of non-verbal communication in Disney's legacy, suggesting that the film misses the mark in this regard. The musical aspect of 'Wish' receives a lukewarm response. While one song stands out for its beat and rhythm, the rest of the soundtrack is deemed forgettable.

This observation raises questions about the film's ability to capture the musical magic that Disney is known for.

Reflections on Disney's Current Direction

Jahns' review delves into the broader implications of 'Wish' for Disney as a whole.

He criticizes the film for relying heavily on references to past Disney works, a trend he sees as overdone in current entertainment. This reliance on nostalgia, or "memberberries" as Jahns puts it, suggests a lack of originality and a safe approach that doesn't push creative boundaries.