Tom Hardy Resumes Filming 'Venom 3' After SAG-AFTRA Strike Delay

Tom Hardy Shares Exciting Update on 'Venom 3' Production

by Nouman Rasool
Tom Hardy Resumes Filming 'Venom 3' After SAG-AFTRA Strike Delay
© Eugene Gologursky/GettyImages

Tom Hardy has excitedly announced the recommencement of "Venom 3" production after a four-month interruption due to the SAG-AFTRA strike. The accomplished British actor, also a creative force behind the story of the much-anticipated superhero film, shared the update with his fans on Instagram.

Accompanying his post was a heartwarming black-and-white photo of Hardy with director Kelly Marcel and his stunt double, Jacob Tomuri, all sharing a joyful moment. In his Instagram caption, Hardy, aged 46, expressed his gratitude to everyone involved in the Venom journey from its inception to the current third installment.

He highlighted the unity and dedication of the cast and crew, referring to them as friends and family. His words radiated a deep passion and appreciation for the filmmaking process and those who contribute to it. Hardy’s message continued with a tribute to Kelly Marcel, his director, writing partner, and close friend.

He commended her instincts and leadership, expressing pride in their collaborative efforts. The actor also humorously addressed his stunt double, Tomuri, acknowledging their close bond and shared experiences on set.

Venom 3: Production Resumes

the latest installment in the highly successful "Venom" franchise, has resumed filming after a temporary halt.

Production initially kicked off in Cartagena, Spain, on June 26, 2023, only to be interrupted by the SAG-AFTRA strike on July 14. This unforeseen break, lasting four months, ended on November 9 following a resolution, allowing the cast and crew to return to set.

In light of these developments, Sony Pictures has adjusted the film's release date from July 12, 2024, to November 8, 2024. The "Venom" series, a cinematic phenomenon, has garnered immense success at the box office. The original film, directed by Ruben Fleischer and launched in 2018, raked in over $850 million worldwide.

Its sequel, "Venom: Let There Be Carnage," directed by Andy Serkis and released in 2021, continued the momentum, earning over $500 million. This success sets a high bar for "Venom 3," heightening the anticipation among fans.

With its track record of box office hits, the latest chapter of the "Venom" saga is poised to be another blockbuster, eagerly awaited by its global fanbase.