DC's Animated Universe Gets a Crisis Makeover: Justice League: Crisis


DC's Animated Universe Gets a Crisis Makeover: Justice League: Crisis
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In a recent development that has set the comic book world abuzz, DC Comics has unveiled its ambitious project: a three-part animated movie adaptation of the iconic "Crisis on Infinite Earths." This adaptation, as explained by Charlie of Emergency Awesome, is not just a mere retelling of a beloved storyline but a strategic move to reboot DC's animated universe.

A New Take on a Classic Tale

The "Crisis on Infinite Earths" storyline is no stranger to adaptations, with a notable version appearing in the Arrowverse. However, this new animated series aims to carve its unique path. The series is set to spin directly out of the events of "Justice League Warworld," featuring characters like Jensen Ackles' Batman and Darren Criss' Superman.

This approach is a nod to the Tomorrowverse line of continuity, which began with the "Superman: Man of Tomorrow" movie. The animation style of this new series aligns with the Tomorrowverse, signaling a fresh start for DC's animated endeavors.

The series is expected to serve as a narrative bookend, much like the "Justice League Apocalypse War" did for the previous DC animated universe. This reboot is cleverly woven into the storyline, allowing for a seamless transition to new voice actors and a revamped animation style.

The Flash as the Central Figure

The trailers focus on the Flash, making him the central figure in navigating the multiverse crisis. His ability to traverse different universes makes him an ideal point-of-view character for this expansive story.

The series promises to showcase various versions of beloved characters, including Vixen, Green Arrow, Jon Stewart's Green Lantern, and even alternate versions of the Justice League.

A Missed Opportunity in Live Action

While fans are excited about this animated series, there's a tinge of regret for the scrapped live-action adaptation.

Originally, a live-action "Crisis on Infinite Earths" was planned, featuring actors like Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck. However, with James Gunn's takeover and the reboot of the DCU, these plans were shelved. Gunn's vision for the DCU is expected to diverge significantly from the previous trajectory, possibly exploring storylines like "Kingdom Come."