Jason Momoa's Final Bow as Aquaman? A Look at 'The Lost Kingdom' Trailer


Jason Momoa's Final Bow as Aquaman? A Look at 'The Lost Kingdom' Trailer
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"Aquaman 2: The Lost Kingdom" emerges as a pivotal chapter, not just for its titular hero but for the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) as a whole. The latest trailer, rich with Easter eggs and hints at a grand finale, suggests a narrative brimming with action, emotion, and a potential farewell to Jason Momoa's portrayal of Aquaman.

Momoa, who has become synonymous with the Aquaman character, hinted at this being his final portrayal in the Snyder's Justice League version of the role. Yet, he leaves the door open for future appearances in the DCEU, possibly as the character Lobo.

This transition marks a significant shift in the DCEU, aligning with James Gunn's vision for the universe.

A Tale of Two Worlds: The Plot Thickens

The trailer introduces us to "Aqua Baby," Arthur Curry Jr., symbolizing the connection between land and sea.

This new character adds a layer of depth to Aquaman's story, emphasizing his dual heritage. The narrative revolves around the threat posed by Black Manta and a new villain, Mongo, who seeks the power of the Black Trident to unleash chaos.

The plot thickens as Black Manta strikes a deal with Mongo, offering him the royal blood of Atlantean hybrids to free him. This quest leads to a dramatic confrontation, with Aquaman and his allies, including his brother Ocean Master, facing off against these formidable foes.

The trailer teases significant battles, hinting at a climactic showdown in Atlantis.

The Future of the DCEU: A New Dawn

"Aquaman 2: The Lost Kingdom" appears to be a swan song for the current iteration of the DCEU. With James Wan at the helm, known for his mastery in the horror genre, the film promises a blend of thrilling action and emotional depth.

The narrative seems poised to end on a hopeful note, possibly avoiding darker plotlines like the death of Aqua Baby, which occurred in the comics. Looking beyond "Aquaman 2," the DCEU is set for a transformation under James Gunn's guidance.

The focus shifts to television with spinoff shows like "The Batman HBO" series and a Green Lantern show in the works. This strategic move mirrors Marvel's approach, as both franchises take a step back in 2024 to enhance the quality of their upcoming projects.