Seth Meyers Reflects on His Best 'SNL' Show Earning a Standing Ovation

Unveiling a Memorable 'SNL' Episode with Seth Meyers

by Nouman Rasool
Seth Meyers Reflects on His Best 'SNL' Show Earning a Standing Ovation
© Cindy Ord/GettyImages

In a captivating revelation on the podcast "Las Culturistas," hosted by Bowen Yang and Matt Rogers, Seth Meyers, the esteemed former head writer for "Saturday Night Live," unveiled a rare moment from the show's history. Recalling an iconic 2008 episode, Meyers shared his memories of the show that starred Anne Hathaway as the host and featured the Killers as the musical act.

Meyers, known for his sharp wit and insightful commentary, described the episode as a standout in his career. "It's the only time I remember the audience standing and applauding at the end of the show. The Killers even gave an encore performance, which was something truly special," he reminisced.

Killers' Memorable Impression

The Killers, a band renowned for their electrifying performances, left an indelible impression not only on the audience but also on Meyers' family. He fondly recalled a humorous encounter between his mother and the band.

“After introducing my mom to the Killers, she amusingly remarked, loud enough for them to hear, 'I don’t know why they call themselves the Killers; they couldn’t be nicer boys.’” This light-hearted comment underscores the unexpected and endearing moments behind the scenes of the show.

The 2008 season of "SNL" was a remarkable period for Meyers, particularly with the sketches parodying Sarah Palin. “That year felt like being part of a winning team. The buzz around Tina Fey’s return and our Palin segments was electric.

We were constantly pushing to outdo ourselves, which was exhilarating,” Meyers explained. Adding to the episode's significance, cohost Rogers shared his own experience as an audience member. “The energy in the theater was simply wild.

And Seth, seeing you coolly high-fiving the interns during 'Weekend Update' made everyone think, ‘It’s Seth Meyers!’. That moment drove me for the rest of my life,” he reflected. The episode, a blend of humor, memorable performances, and backstage anecdotes, exemplifies the enduring impact of "Saturday Night Live" on both its participants and viewers.

Meyers' recollections offer a glimpse into the show's unique ability to create moments of television magic that resonate long after the final applause.