The Rookie: Feds" Canceled by ABC After Single Season

ABC's Fresh Drama 'The Rookie: Feds' Ends Run

by Nouman Rasool
The Rookie: Feds" Canceled by ABC After Single Season
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ABC has announced the cancellation of its freshman drama series "The Rookie: Feds" after just one season. The decision, which came after months of deliberation, coincides with the recent conclusion of the dual Writers Guild of America (WGA) and Screen Actors Guild?American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) strikes.

"The Rookie: Feds," a spinoff of the successful series "The Rookie," starred Niecy Nash-Betts in the lead role. Despite the series showcasing modest and improving ratings as reported by Deadline in May, it was unable to match the success of its predecessor.

The show represented a significant milestone for ABC, being the only hour-long series with a singular Black lead. Nash-Betts portrayed Simone, a former guidance counselor who fulfills her lifelong dream of joining the FBI, becoming the agency's oldest rookie.

The narrative followed her journey as she faced skepticism and doubts about her abilities, particularly from her boss, Special Agent Matthew Garza, played by Felix Solis.

Key Cast and Producers

The ensemble cast also included Frankie R.

Faison as Simone’s father, James Lesure as Carter Hope, Britt Robertson as Laura Stensen, and Kevin Zegers as Brendon Acres. The show was co-created and executive produced by Alexi Hawley and Terence Paul Winter, with Mark Gordon, Nash-Betts, Nathan Fillion, Michelle Chapman, Bill Norcross, and Corey Miller also serving as executive producers.

Entertainment One led the production and international distribution in collaboration with ABC Signature. The cancellation news from ABC also extends to "The Good Lawyer," a proposed spinoff of "The Good Doctor," which was set to star Kennedy McMann and Felicity Huffman.

This decision reflects the network's strategic shifts and programming choices following the industry-wide impact of the recent strikes and the evolving television landscape. "The Rookie: Feds" and its parent series "The Rookie" have both contributed to the diverse storytelling landscape on network television, with the former notably offering a unique perspective through its lead character's late career shift and the challenges she faced in a traditionally younger field.

The show's cancellation marks the end of a chapter for ABC, as it continues to navigate the post-strike era of television production and programming.