Andy Cohen Caught in Bravo Star Feud During Late-Night Show at BravoCon

BravoCon's Unexpected Twist: Andy Cohen in the Spotlight.

by Nouman Rasool
Andy Cohen Caught in Bravo Star Feud During Late-Night Show at BravoCon
© Bryan Bedder/GettyImages

In a whirlwind weekend at BravoCon, not even Andy Cohen, the charismatic host of "Watch What Happens Live!", could escape the drama. Cohen, known for his wit and charm, was taping a series of specials during the three-day Bravo convention in Las Vegas.

The shows are set to air throughout the week on Bravo, bringing together fans and the stars of popular reality series like "Southern Charm," "Summer House," "Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard," and "Vanderpump Rules." On Saturday night, the theme was "Charming House Rules," and one of the segments that drew the most attention was "Squash the Beef." This fan-favorite segment brought together Bravolebrities who had unresolved conflicts with each other.

Cohen, ever the provocateur, invited Carl Radke from "Summer House" and Amir Lancaster from "Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard" to the stage.

Beef Over Job Offer

The source of their beef? Lancaster had gone on Cohen's show and claimed that he had messaged Radke on social media, asking for a job opportunity, but received no response.

Radke vehemently disputed this, saying, "Check your DM’s. I wrote him back right away and I sent him a link to apply to the job. You saw it and then went on Watch What Happens Live and said I didn’t write back. What the f**k?" Lancaster admitted his mistake, saying, "He’s not f***ing wrong.

See what had happened was, I did ask you for a job, and then I got too busy trying to DM Andy that it must have gotten lost in translation that he got back to me, and I was probably thinking the fact that Andy didn’t get back to me." However, in an unexpected turn of events, Cohen found himself in the ho* seat as well, as he had to address the situation.

"I will tell you this, if I saw a DM from you in my DM’s, trust and believe I would’ve replied," Cohen declared. In the end, Cohen managed to mediate the dispute between Radke and Lancaster, ultimately squashing the beef and bringing a sense of closure to the BravoCon audience.

Despite the tension, it was all in good fun, and Bravo fans were left eagerly awaiting the next installment of drama and entertainment from their beloved reality stars. BravoCon proved once again to be a hub of excitement and intrigue for fans of the network's programming.