SNL Cold Open Trainwreck: Even Christopher Walken Can't Save It

SNL's Latest Cold Open Leaves Viewers Wanting More

by Nouman Rasool
SNL Cold Open Trainwreck: Even Christopher Walken Can't Save It
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In the latest installment of Saturday Night Live's cold open, the third episode of the season took a rather lackluster turn, failing to live up to its earlier promise. Mikey Day's portrayal of Joe Biden seemed initially promising, but the sketch quickly lost its momentum.

The scene unfolded as Biden decorated the Oval Office for Halloween, offering a humorous glimpse into the fictionalized world of politics. New Speaker of the House Mike Johnson, played by Michael Longfellow, paid a visit to the president, reminding him of his proximity to the presidency with the line, "You are now just two heartbeats away." Joining him was his "adult Black son," Michael, played by Devon Walker, who humorously referenced the movie "The Blind Side."

Walken's Enigmatic Halloween Explanation

The surprise cameo by Christopher Walken as The Spirit of Halloween, or The Ghost of All Hallows Past, added an element of intrigue to the sketch.

However, Walken's role appeared somewhat perplexing, with his character tasked with explaining the meaning of Halloween, a topic that hardly leaves anyone puzzled. Despite Walken's iconic presence and delivery, his purpose in the sketch remained enigmatic, leaving both viewers and the cast seemingly baffled.

As Walken humorously claimed to have entered the White House via the toilet, he highlighted the camaraderie that defines Halloween and recited a playful Halloween poem. Yet, the sketch's desperate attempt to connect with the upcoming holiday felt forced and amateurish, resembling an improvisation exercise gone awry.

In the end, the sketch's unfunny endeavor to incorporate Halloween themes seemed like an afterthought, leaving the audience with a sense of disappointment. While humor is often subjective, this particular segment missed the mark, falling short of the comedic standard SNL is known for.

Despite the inclusion of a Hollywood legend like Christopher Walken, even his talents couldn't salvage a sketch that appeared to lack direction and purpose. Viewers may have been left wondering if the mission was to horrify, as the sketch did indeed succeed in achieving that effect.

In conclusion, SNL's third episode of the season stumbled in its cold open, failing to capitalize on its initial promise. With an all-star cast, including Walken, the sketch ultimately left viewers wanting more and questioning its comedic intentions.