Jenna Lyons Opens Up About Late Mother and New Love

Renowned Fashion Designer Jenna Lyons Reveals Personal Struggles

by Nouman Rasool
Jenna Lyons Opens Up About Late Mother and New Love
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Renowned fashion designer Jenna Lyons, a prominent figure in the industry, has touched the hearts of viewers during the recent Real Housewives Of New York City reunion on Bravo. The emotional reunion, hosted by RHONY executive producer Andy Cohen, offered a rare glimpse into Jenna's personal life and struggles.

Jenna revealed that she began filming the rebooted series only about four weeks after the loss of her mother, a poignant and challenging period in her life. She recalled the profound impact of spending time with her castmate Jessel Taank and her mother, which brought back feelings of grief and mourning.

During a healing session with her fellow castmates, Jenna delved into her past, reflecting on the isolation and loneliness she felt as a child. She confessed to struggling to connect with her mother, who suffered from Asperger's syndrome.

Tears welled up in Jenna's eyes as she revisited the memories of her difficult childhood. In a touching moment, Jenna shared that her success over the past two decades was acknowledged by her mother, despite their challenges in connecting emotionally.

Her mother's inability to provide the comfort and support she needed left Jenna in a state of emotional longing.

Jenna's Motherhood Journey

The conversation took a heartfelt turn when Jenna opened up about her own experience as a mother.

She expressed the difficulty of providing her 17-year-old son Beckett with the affection she had never received herself, describing it as a healing process. Her castmate Ubah Hassan reassured her that this journey was essential for both Jenna and her son.

Despite the emotional depth of the conversation, there was a bright spot in Jenna's life. She revealed that she had begun a romantic relationship with photographer Cass Bird, a longtime acquaintance from the same industry.

Jenna confessed that she had always harbored a crush on Cass, and their relationship became official in July when they shared the news on Instagram. Even her son Beckett became enamored with Cass. Jenna's career in fashion, where she achieved great success, was shaped by her childhood experiences of feeling unseen and disconnected.

Finding solace and empowerment in clothing, she overcame feelings of insecurity and inadequacy. Jenna made history during the reunion by being the first housewife to wear jeans, an emblematic moment that captured her trailblazing spirit.

The Real Housewives Of New York City reunion continues to captivate viewers, offering insights into the lives of its cast members. The season, which premiered in July with an entirely new cast, has brought fresh perspectives and stories to the franchise.