Jimmy Kimmel Slams Jim Jordan as 'Unpopular Loser'

Late-night host turns political analyst in latest monologue.

by Nouman Rasool
Jimmy Kimmel Slams Jim Jordan as 'Unpopular Loser'
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Amidst a divided House Republican caucus, the struggle to fill the vacant Speaker's role continues, and late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel has found a new target for his scathing political commentary—Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio.

Kimmel pulled no punches in his Tuesday night monologue, arguing that the central obstacle in Jordan's bid to replace Kevin McCarthy is none other than Jim Jordan himself. "The GOP is grappling with an identity crisis, and its most glaring symptom is its inability to elect a Speaker," Kimmel opened.

"Jim Jordan, the Congressman from Ohio and a staunch Trump ally, is facing a brutal uphill battle to secure the 217 votes required for the coveted position." Former President Donald Trump, who has dubbed Jordan as "a fantastic young man," "pretty young still," and "very strong," lent his voice to the campaign trail, endorsing his long-time ally.

Yet even Trump's backing hasn't been enough to propel Jordan across the finish line. Kimmel quipped, "It seems like there's something inherently fitting about Jim Jordan as a loser."

Jordan's Popularity Gap

According to Kimmel, one of the most significant hurdles Jordan faces is his perceived unpopularity among his peers.

During a closed-door GOP meeting last week, Jordan reportedly told Rep. Steve Scalise, "America wants me," before storming out. Kimmel mused, "I can only imagine he thinks he's on Scarlett Johansson's wish list too." But the talk show host didn't stop there.

He delved into Jordan's controversial past, specifically his tenure as a wrestling coach at Ohio State University. At that time, a team doctor was accused of se*ually abusing student athletes, allegations that have haunted Jordan ever since.

"While Jordan aims to be the voice of the House, let's not forget that he's accused of turning a deaf ear to the cries of abuse from numerous, highly credible witnesses, including 11 former team members," Kimmel stated. Kimmel ended his monologue by laying bare the irony of Jordan's Speaker bid: "It's somewhat poetic that a man infamous for his silence would wish to become Speaker of the House." As the House prepares for another vote on Wednesday, the GOP's fractured state is under national scrutiny, and if Kimmel's comments are any indication, Jordan's difficulties are far from over.