Dan Harmon Speaks Out on Justin Roiland, Co-Creator of Rick and Morty

New Revelations Emerge About 'Rick and Morty' Co-Creators

by Nouman Rasool
Dan Harmon Speaks Out on Justin Roiland, Co-Creator of Rick and Morty
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In a surprising turn of events, as Season 7 of the beloved animated series "Rick and Morty" gears up for its highly anticipated premiere on October 15, creator Dan Harmon has broken his silence about his strained relationship with co-creator Justin Roiland.

This revelation comes in the wake of allegations against Roiland, which have left fans and the industry in shock. The newest trailer for Season 7 dropped recently, introducing a fresh era of the show with new voice talents taking over the roles typically associated with Justin Roiland.

An insider at Adult Swim has assured fans that the upcoming season, devoid of Roiland's involvement, will be as robust and captivating as ever. The network's focus is on preserving the viewing experience and the show's enduring quality.

Harmon on Complex Roiland Relationship

In a candid interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Dan Harmon, known for his tumultuous working relationships, delved into his complex rapport with Justin Roiland. Harmon began by admitting that it was initially easy for him to stay silent, reflecting on his own shortcomings and how he may not be the best judge of character.

However, he recognized the gravity of the situation and acknowledged that Roiland's actions have damaged the trust of countless fans. Harmon confessed that he last communicated with Roiland in 2019 via text and the exchange left him deeply affected.

He shared, "He said things that he’d never said before about being unhappy, and I remember saying to him the last time we spoke in person, like, ‘I am worried about you, and I don’t know what to do about that except to give you all the string and also just say I’m scared that you’re not going to come back.’ But then this conversation became unprecedentedly confrontational." Season 7 of "Rick and Morty" has been eagerly awaited by fans, but the revelations about the strained relationship between its creators have added a layer of complexity to the show's narrative.

As it premieres on October 15, viewers will undoubtedly be watching with a mix of excitement and curiosity, wondering how the show will evolve in the absence of one of its visionary co-creators.