Chen Moonves on BB Zombie Twist

Unprecedented turns shake up this Big Brother season's dynamics.

by Nouman Rasool
Chen Moonves on BB Zombie Twist
© Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images Entertainment

Julie Chen Moonves, the iconic host of the long-running reality TV show Big Brother, has finally opened up about the show's latest twist, a term she never imagined she'd say: "Big Brother zombie." As fans eagerly await the new developments, Chen Moonves shared her thoughts on the twist, especially as it concerns evicted participants Cameron and Jared.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Chen Moonves was asked if she ever visualized herself announcing, "You are now a Big Brother zombie." To this, she quipped, “After 25 captivating seasons, it was high time! Jared's reaction was nothing short of electrifying.

He seemed like he was on cloud nine. On the other hand, Cameron appeared more composed, more in his element. But, of course, transforming into a zombie isn’t a snap-of-the-fingers kind of process; it demands its time!”

Chen Moonves Advises Evicted Duo

The new twist has certainly added a dramatic flair to the season, giving Cameron and Jared another potential shot at the game.

But what should they do differently to steer clear of immediate eviction if they get back in? Chen Moonves advises, “They absolutely need to mend some bridges. Jared, in particular, needs to dial down his talkativeness.

Cameron, on the other hand, should actively seek and align with potential allies. It's all about forging new relationships and consolidating them." There's significant speculation among fans about which of the two - Cameron or Jared - the Houseguests would prefer to see back in action.

Chen Moonves weighed in, "My bet would be on Jared. At some juncture, he had a good rapport with the other Houseguests. They might see potential in mending their dynamics with him." This season of Big Brother promises a blend of unexpected twists, strategic gameplay, and emotions running high.

As viewers remain on the edge of their seats, they can anticipate more seismic shifts and, perhaps, more of the undead influencing the game. Keep an eye out on MSN, Google, and Google News for more updates on this exhilarating season.