Peter Dinklage in tutu, Elijah Wood as Penguin in 'The Toxic Avenger' preview.

Revamped '80s classic stuns with fresh faces and twists.

by Nouman Rasool
Peter Dinklage in tutu, Elijah Wood as Penguin in 'The Toxic Avenger' preview.
© Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment

A classic from the 1980s has been brought back to life with fresh vigor. "The Toxic Avenger," a 1984 cult sensation, has undergone a spectacular transformation under the visionary direction of Macon Blair. This reboot has Hollywood buzzing, primarily due to Blair's innovative depiction of Elijah Wood, the iconic "Lord of the Rings" star.

Stepping away from his Hobbit roots, Wood adopts the dark, enigmatic look of villain Fritz Garbinger. With striking panda eyes, blackened teeth, and strands of hair eerily protruding from his mostly bald head, Blair likens Wood's character to an uncanny fusion of "Riff Raff" from "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" and Danny DeVito's interpretation of the Penguin.

Blair remarked, "Elijah’s transformation is so radical that fans might forget his classic Middle-earth appearance."

Star-Studded Cast Revives Cult Classic

This reimagined "The Toxic Avenger" boasts more than just Elijah Wood's shocking transformation.

The cast list is a veritable who's who of Hollywood, with big names like Peter Dinklage and Kevin Bacon gracing the film. Dinklage portrays Winston Gooze, a janitor who, after a harrowing accident, finds himself mutated into a superpowered hero.

Kevin Bacon, on the other hand, plays the dastardly corporate magnate Bob Garbinger, with Wood's Fritz serving as his nefarious sidekick. An intriguing twist Blair introduces is the Killer Nutz gang – not just murderous henchmen but also a rock and roll group, evoking theatrical icons like KISS and Alice Cooper.

Their double lives serve as both a comedic and thrilling aspect of the storyline. Supporting roles are equally compelling. Taylour Paige, from "Zola," plays an investigative journalist, and Jacob Tremblay of "The Little Mermaid" stars as the anxious stepson of Dinklage's character.

For Blair, revisiting "The Toxic Avenger" is a nostalgic experience, a throwback to his youthful days of VHS filmmaking influenced by Monty Python and early Troma movies. Blair’s passion translates into the new Toxie's design.

Drawing inspiration from the franchise's sequels and cartoons, the revamped superhero, draped in a melted tutu and wielding a janitor’s mop, promises fans an exciting, familiar yet innovative experience. Eager fans won't have to wait long to witness the spectacle.

"The Toxic Avenger" is set to debut at Austin's Fantastic Fest from Sept. 21-28. With a star-studded cast and revamped storyline, this reboot is bound to make waves in Hollywood. Don't miss out on this intoxicating revamp of a cult classic!