Tim Burton Disliked Cage's Superman in 'The Flash'

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Tim Burton Disliked Cage's Superman in 'The Flash'
Tim Burton Disliked Cage's Superman in 'The Flash' © Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images Entertainment

DC and Warner Bros.' latest blockbuster, 'The Flash,' directed by the renowned Andy Muschietti, has been making waves in the entertainment industry, primarily because of its star-studded cameos. An unexpected roster featuring Ben Affleck, Michael Keaton, and George Clooney, all donning the cape of Bruce Wayne/Batman, created quite a buzz.

However, the real scene-stealer was Nicolas Cage's brief appearance as Superman. For those unfamiliar with the backstory, during the 1990s, after basking in the success of his Batman movies, Tim Burton was slated to direct a Superman film titled 'Superman Lives' with Cage as the titular character.

Unfortunately, after two intense years of pre-production, the project was scrapped, as highlighted in the documentary, 'The Death of Superman Lives.' In a recent interaction with the British Film Institute, Burton reflected on the shelved project, stating, "Though I don't carry regrets, the weight of unfinished projects lingers.

Each film is a journey into the unknown, and while 'Superman Lives' wasn’t realized, it remains a poignant memory."

Burton's Disdain for CGI Superman

What has piqued interest, however, is Burton's reaction to Cage's CGI portrayal of Superman in 'The Flash.'

The film showcased Keaton's Batman, reuniting him with Burton, his director from the iconic 1989 'Batman' and its 1992 sequel, 'Batman Returns.' Cage's Superman, on the other hand, stood out due to its almost entirely CGI-rendered appearance, which Burton criticized as feeling "artificial." Drawing parallels between Cage's Superman and the rising trend of AI in entertainment, Burton expressed his dismay.

"It's a reflection of how AI technology is reshaping the entertainment world. Studios have the power to reshape and repurpose original creations, making them feel less authentic. Even as creators, while we work under the banners of giants like Disney or Warner Brothers, the artistic integrity feels compromised at times.

I find myself in silent rebellion against this wave," Burton lamented. As this news continues to circulate on platforms like MSN and Google News, it reminds us of the evolving relationship between technology and artistry in modern cinema, and how revered directors like Burton perceive it.

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