'The Equalizer 3' Surpasses 'Barbie' at U.K. and Ireland Box Office

Box Office Standings Reflect Dynamic Shifts and Promising Debuts

by Zain ul Abedin
'The Equalizer 3' Surpasses 'Barbie' at U.K. and Ireland Box Office
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In a riveting turn of events at the U.K. and Ireland box office, Denzel Washington's electrifying assassin-thriller "The Equalizer 3" has stormed into the spotlight, toppling the reigning champion, "Barbie," after an impressive six-week reign.

The cinematic landscape has witnessed a remarkable shift as this action-packed saga captivates audiences and surges ahead, securing its place as the new box office sensation. According to the latest Comscore data, Denzel Washington and Dakota Fanning's dynamic duo delivered a resounding opening weekend, generating a formidable £2.7 million (equivalent to $3.4 million).

This triumph over the weekend set the stage for a compelling journey that saw the movie's total earnings soar to a staggering $42 million by the conclusion of the Labor Day weekend. Warner Bros.' "Barbie," which had held its ground for an impressive seven weekends, gracefully descended to second place.

Its remarkable contribution of £1.6 million (approximately $2.01 million) in its seventh weekend of release only adds to its already impressive total haul of £92.5 million ($116.32 million). Standing as the highest-grossing movie of 2023, "Barbie" commands the seventh spot in the all-time ranking for the region, trailing closely behind the illustrious "Spectre," with earnings of £95.2 million ($119.71 million).

Box Office Rankings and New Entrants

The U.K. and Ireland box office landscape saw further motion as Universal's "Oppenheimer," in its seventh weekend, settled into third place with £960,504 ($120.78). This entrancing tale is neck-and-neck with "Bohemian Rhapsody," both securing the title of second-highest-grossing movie of 2023 with a remarkable £55.4 million ($69.66 million), landing them at an impressive 34th place on the all-time box office chart.

A new entrant with an impactful debut is Angel's "Sound of Freedom," which soared into fourth position, amassing an impressive £760,060 ($95,574.88). A sensation in the United States, this film's foray into the U.K. and Ireland market is marked by a strong debut that sets the stage for its journey in the region.

The fifth spot on the charts is occupied by Paramount's "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem," amassing an impressive £618,912 ($778,260.18) during its fifth weekend, culminating in a notable total of £9.1 million ($11.44 million).

Adding another layer of intrigue to the mix, Lionsgate's "Cobweb" gracefully entered the top 10 echelons, marking its debut at the tenth position with commendable earnings of £325,904 ($409,812.87). As the curtain falls on this week's cinematic saga, enthusiasts can brace themselves for the cinematic delights in store for the coming week.

"Madama Butterfly On The Lake," a captivating opera, is poised to enthrall audiences through CinemaLive, while the much-anticipated Bollywood release "Jawan," starring the iconic Shah Rukh Khan, promises to make waves through Yash Raj Films.

Looking ahead, the Friday premieres promise sequels that promise to thrill. Warner Bros. presents "The Nun II," while Universal unveils "My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3" across more than 300 theaters, captivating audiences and reaffirming the magic of cinema on the big screen.

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