National Cinema Day Celebrates the Magic of Moviegoing with $4 Tickets

Moviegoers flood theaters, boosting 2022 concession revenues.

by Nouman Rasool
National Cinema Day Celebrates the Magic of Moviegoing with $4 Tickets

On August 27th, cinephiles across the U.S. will be treated to an enticing offer: movie tickets priced under $4. This nationwide initiative, celebrating National Cinema Day, welcomes audiences to relish the magic of the silver screen in theaters, regardless of the movie format—be it Imax or the standard.

In fact, if you're hoping to catch “Oppenheimer” on a 70mm screen, you might want to hurry, given its soaring demand. With over 3,000 theaters, encompassing roughly 30,000 screens, participating in this cinematic fiesta, the second National Cinema Day aims to champion the unifying power of movies.

Organized by the Cinema Foundation, the day also serves as a boost for theaters during the summer lull. Current summer box office numbers are encouraging, with a 16.6% rise from 2022, although they lag 5.4% behind 2019 figures, as per Comscore.

Record Turnout in 2022 Debut

The inaugural National Cinema Day in 2022 witnessed approximately 8.1 million moviegoers flocking theaters. This impressive turnout, as reported by the National Association of Theater Owners, also contributed to booming concession sales.

Jackie Brenneman, the spirited president of the Cinema Foundation, extends a warm invitation: “Following last year's overwhelming response, we beckon all to revel in the collective joy of moviegoing, an enduring American delight.

From heartwarming family tales and rib-tickling comedies to profound dramas and riveting adventures, our curated line-up promises a treat for every palate”. Sunday's roster boasts a medley of cinematic offerings. Movie enthusiasts can expect recent releases like “Gran Turismo,” “Golda,” and Dennis Quaid's “The Hill”.

Box office sensations “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer,” along with favorites “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” and Disney's “The Little Mermaid” sing-along version, are also on the menu.

For those with a penchant for nostalgia, classics such as “Jurassic Park” will be making a return. Michael O’Leary, the National Association of Theatre Owners' CEO, elaborates on the magic of movies, “Films have this innate ability to congregate us, allowing shared moments of joy, suspense, and enchantment.

National Cinema Day is our ode to passionate moviegoers and the central role theaters play in fostering community bonds”. Last year's event underscored the audience's value for affordable pricing and the chance to watch awaited films.

A Fandango survey revealed these as primary motivators for attendees. Jerramy Hainline, senior VP of Fandango Ticketing and an event sponsor, concluded, “With the summer's captivating movie lineup and the heightened consumer demand for exceptional entertainment, National Cinema Day presents a golden opportunity for movie aficionados to indulge without burning a hole in their pockets”.