Raquel Leviss: No More Reality TV

Drama unfolds in Season 10 of popular reality show.

by Nouman Rasool
Raquel Leviss: No More Reality TV

"Vanderpump Rules" sensation, Raquel Leviss, firmly proclaimed on the recent "Just B with Bethenny Frankel" podcast that her days under the reality TV spotlight are over. This bold declaration materialized amid growing whispers surrounding her absence from the imminent 11th season of the Bravo reality show.

In a gripping three-part episode with Bethenny Frankel, Leviss expressed an unequivocal "Oh, hell no" when quizzed about her potential comeback to reality TV. She passionately voiced her intent not to compromise her self-worth and steer clear of what she perceives as emotional distress.

"I refuse to not respect myself on that level where I would endure that emotional abuse any longer," Leviss elucidated. "I can’t do that to myself."

Scandoval: Leviss-Sandoval Affair Erupts

Earlier this year, the television landscape was set ablaze when a scandal, cheekily termed "Scandoval", surfaced.

At its epicenter were Leviss and her co-star, Tom Sandoval. A whirlwind of events, as captured in Season 10, unraveled when Ariana Madix, Sandoval's significant other for nearly a decade, severed ties upon unearthing his liaison with Leviss.

The reverberations of the scandal took center stage in the concluding episodes of the tenth season. The climactic episode, in particular, shifted to a timeline in March this year, showcasing the tumultuous aftermath, which culminated in a fierce face-off between a hurt Madix and a cornered Sandoval.

The subsequent reunion episodes, broadcasted in May and June, further intensified the atmosphere, with Madix later portraying the ambiance as a gut-wrenching "bloodbath" during her chat with TODAY.com. In a telling prelude to these reunion episodes, the show's producers tantalized fans in a Variety feature, hinting at unforeseen disclosures that could possibly shape the course of the show's future.

And, these disclosures did indeed emerge during the reunion's third segment when Leviss, in an isolated setting, dropped the bombshell that the liaison with Sandoval commenced way before the world was led to believe. Following these revelations, Leviss took a self-imposed break, enrolling herself in a mental health treatment facility in April, a development confirmed by her spokesperson to TODAY.com.

Meanwhile, Madix, when interacting with Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager in May, intimated her readiness for the upcoming 11th season. Despite the ripples of controversy, this year marked a significant milestone for "Vanderpump Rules", as the show garnered its inaugural Emmy nods, contending for two accolades in the reality TV domain.