Malum & The Outwaters: 2023's Most Terrifying Films


Malum & The Outwaters: 2023's Most Terrifying Films

After feasting on the eerie brilliance of Evil Dead Rise, horror enthusiasts find themselves yearning for more. The cinematic landscape of 2023 doesn't disappoint, offering two standout films released in February and March.

"The Outwaters" and "Malum" serve up some of the most unrelentingly intense moments, setting them apart as the most provocative horror movies this year. What makes these films stand out? Their innovative embrace of surrealism.

Delving into unpredictable narratives and boundary-pushing imagery, they offer a mind-bending journey that's both disorienting and thrilling. They venture into realms of dreams, ethereal creatures, and alternate dimensions, presenting a cinematic feast that transcends conventional horror storytelling.

Horror's Triumphant Cinematic Comeback

The horror genre has witnessed a resounding resurgence in the past three years. While some attribute this revival to the genre's attractive low-budget, high-reward model or the unpredictable nature of CGI-laden blockbuster franchises, true aficionados care little about the 'why'

They're elated that horror has finally sunk its fangs deep into modern cinema. Recent years have borne witness to riveting renditions of classics like Scream, Evil Dead, Hellraiser, and Predator. However, the genre's fresh blood - films like Deadstream, V/H/S/99, M3GAN, and The Menu - have carved a niche of their own.

And the reel doesn't stop rolling. Awaiting releases include The Last Voyage of the Demeter, The Exorcist: Believer, The Nun 2, and V/H/S/85. Not to mention the highly anticipated Talk to Me, which hit theaters in late July.

It's the richness of choice that makes this decade of horror genuinely enthralling. The genre had previously been marred by over-reliance on CGI, attempts at faux sophistication, and a deluge of Japanese remakes. The hunger for more organic horror, marked by practical effects and uninhibited narratives, grew amongst fans.

Opening doors to imagination and experiences that challenge comfort zones, horror movies have now found the sweet spot between provoking thought and inducing palpable fear. Malum and The Outwaters serve as prime examples of this new direction.

As they beckon viewers into a maze of otherworldly terror and psychological turmoil, one thing becomes clear: Horror isn't just back; it's bolder than ever.