Zachary Levi Slams Hollywood for Producing 'Garbage'

Levi's candidness at Fan Expo reveals Hollywood's production woes.

by Nouman Rasool
Zachary Levi Slams Hollywood for Producing 'Garbage'

Renowned for his role in Shazam: Fury of the Gods, Zachary Levi has recently been the talk of Tinseltown for a series of candid comments ranging from his stance on the actor’s strike rules to his observations on film critics and their take on the Shazam!

sequel. While attending the Fan Expo Chicago this past weekend, Levi didn't hold back in expressing his views about the current state of studio filmmaking. As reported by Entertainment Weekly, the 42-year-old actor criticized Hollywood for its production of subpar content, claiming that studios often prioritize monetary gain over delivering quality films to audiences.

“The sheer volume of Hollywood content that I would label as garbage is alarming,” Levi began. "Too often, studios don't seem invested in creating standout films for viewers." Drawing attention to misleading trailers, he continued, “How often have we been enthralled by a promising trailer only to be left underwhelmed by the actual film? Studios are aware that they've clinched your money once you've procured a ticket." He urged moviegoers to be discerning in their choices, emphasizing, "By boycotting mediocre films, we send a clear message.

It's a step toward better cinematic experiences”.

Levi Clarifies Strike Comments

Earlier, at the Manchester Comic-Con in July, Levi had sparked conversation regarding the SAG-AFTRA strike, lamenting the limitations placed on actors in discussing their previous roles.

The comments took the internet by storm. However, Levi quickly stepped in to contextualize his remarks. “It was never my intention to undermine the WGA or the strike,” he clarified. “My allegiance remains with my union.

That said, our ardent fans, who invest so much emotionally and financially in our work, deserve our acknowledgment and dialogue”. The actor was also ensnared in another controversy concerning The Shazam! sequel. Rumors were afloat that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, the star of Black Adam, had influenced the exclusion of Justice Society characters from Fury of the Gods and negated the possibility of a Levi cameo in his film.

Addressing the whispers, Levi took to Instagram Live, stating, “Contrary to some reports, I haven’t pointed fingers at anyone regarding our movie's performance. It's essential to refrain from baseless speculation”.

Levi's series of remarks underscores his commitment to the industry and its fans. His candidness, while sometimes a topic of debate, undoubtedly shines a light on pertinent issues in Hollywood.