Ted Lasso Director Teases Spin-Off Updates

Director Declan Lowney hints at a future beyond 'Lasso'.

by Nouman Rasool
Ted Lasso Director Teases Spin-Off Updates

After a highly successful run on Apple TV+, the hit show 'Ted Lasso' wrapped up its captivating storyline earlier this year. Fans may have bid farewell to the AFC Richmond matches for now, but there's a glimmer of hope on the horizon.

In an intriguing update, director Declan Lowney spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about the swirling rumors of potential spin-offs. Lowney shared, “While everyone was aware it was the conclusion, it’s really just a pause.

If anything materializes, it's likely to be a couple of years down the line. Our goal was to tie up the narrative threads comprehensively”. Lowney recalled the unique scripting process, hinting that the sheer volume of the story might have sowed the seeds for potential spin-offs.

“Receiving the script in parts was an adventure. When the remaining pages landed, it finally clicked," he said. The director mentioned how they filmed progressively, and while editing, the narrative often evolved, even slimming down in some instances.

Lasso's Journey: From Skepticism to Heart

The series began with the affable Ted Lasso, played by the talented Jason Sudeikis, relocating to England to escape personal troubles. His unique coaching style, initially met with skepticism, soon became the heart of the club.

Alongside him, Rebecca Welton, portrayed by Hannah Waddingham, navigated the intricacies of managing a newly acquired soccer team. However, the narrative took unexpected turns. While many anticipated a romance between Ted and Rebecca, destiny charted a different course, with Ted reconciling with his family in the U.S.

Yet, the end of their tale might just be the beginning for other beloved characters. Jamie Tartt, brought to life by Phil Dunster, though left heartbroken by Keeley (Juno Temple), still holds a promising career ahead. Meanwhile, the stern yet lovable Roy Kent, essayed by Brett Goldstein, is on a mission, coaching the very team he once played for.

While the curtains have drawn on the primary story, AFC Richmond's world is vast, with numerous narratives waiting to be explored. As the speculations of spin-offs gain momentum, fans are eagerly waiting to see who takes the lead next.