"Oppenheimer" Sets Record as TCL Chinese Theatre's Top Grosser in 97 Years.

Nolan's masterpiece reshapes box office history at iconic venue.

by Nouman Rasool
"Oppenheimer" Sets Record as TCL Chinese Theatre's Top Grosser in 97 Years.

Christopher Nolan's cinematic epic, "Oppenheimer," which delves into the gripping story behind the creation of the atomic bomb, has set the box office ablaze since its July 21 release. A significant element amplifying its success is the film's standout performance on IMAX, especially its 70mm format.

Nolan, a fervent advocate for the pristine quality of film, considers the 70mm format the epitome of cinematic experience and has repeatedly advised audiences to savor his three-hour magnum opus in this grand style. The raw numbers tell a tale of dominance.

Currently, "Oppenheimer" ranks as the 8th highest-grossing IMAX release ever. Astonishingly, these figures don't even account for major markets like China, Japan, South Korea, and Russia where the film hasn't premiered. Earnings from IMAX showings alone skyrocketed to an impressive $114.2 million at the week's start, making it the second film ever to cross the $100 million benchmark in similar markets on IMAX.

"Oppenheimer" Shatters TCL Theatre Records.

Exemplifying Nolan's penchant for cinematic grandeur, "Oppenheimer" was shot entirely in full frame IMAX 15 Perf 70mm Film. Only 30 theaters across the globe can project this unparalleled format.

Among them is Hollywood's iconic TCL Chinese Theatre, capable of displaying the film in both standard 70mm and IMAX 70mm. And it's here that "Oppenheimer" has scripted history by becoming the highest-grossing film ever, outpacing the 2015 record set by "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" with earnings of $1.53 million in just three weeks, compared to the latter's 15-week stretch.

Brett Fellman, an executive at TCL Chinese Theatres, conveyed the feverish audience response, mentioning, "We've added 6am shows for the past four weekends due to overwhelming demand." But what makes TCL Chinese Theatre's record so monumental? A jewel in the crown of Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, the theatre, formerly known as Grauman's Chinese Theatre, stands as a beacon of Hollywood's illustrious past.

Since its inception in 1927 with Cecil B. DeMille's "The King of Kings," the venue has been synonymous with grand film premieres. Its iconic forecourt adorned with celebrity imprints in concrete cements its reputation as a bastion of cinematic history.

Further enhancing its legacy, the theatre underwent a significant upgrade in 2013 when Chinese electronics giant TCL acquired its naming rights and introduced the IMAX auditorium. Today, "Oppenheimer's" monumental success only adds another glorious chapter to the theatre's storied journey.