Aidan's Ex-Wife Debuts in 'And Just Like That

New twists unfold in HBO Max's iconic series.

by Nouman Rasool
Aidan's Ex-Wife Debuts in 'And Just Like That

In a riveting turn of events on the latest installment of HBO Max's 'And Just Like That', fans were treated to an unexpected introduction: Aidan Shaw's former wife, Kathy. For dedicated "Se* and the City" enthusiasts, this moment was monumental as Kathy had previously only existed in brief mentions throughout the series and film.

The ninth episode of the show's second season heightened anticipation when renowned actress Rosemarie DeWitt (known for standout roles in 'The Staircase' and the Oscar-winning 'La La Land') graced the screen, debuting as Kathy.

However, DeWitt’s ties to the "Se* and the City" world are more intricate than they appear. In a delightful twist of real-life romance, she is wed to Ron Livingston, the very actor who portrayed Carrie’s ill-famed ex-boyfriend Berger – remembered for his notorious Post-It breakup note.

Diving into the lore, during the 'Se* and the City' series run, Aidan Shaw, played by John Corbett, encountered Carrie Bradshaw in a heartwarming season 6 episode, where fans were introduced to his son, Tate. Subsequently, the 'Se* and the City 2' film furthered the narrative by revealing Aidan and Kathy as parents to two more sons, Homer and Wyatt.

Fast forward to the recent episodes, Aidan’s reemergence into Carrie's life prompted discussions about his past. Through Carrie's revelations, we discover that Aidan, post-divorce with Kathy, relocated to Virginia with their children.

Now, with Kathy finally materializing on screen, she embarks on an intense tête-à-tête with Carrie, addressing their complicated past and setting boundaries regarding her children. Despite her brief appearance, Kathy’s emotional depth was palpable.

Concerns about her children’s privacy, lingering pain from her split with Aidan, and apprehension towards Carrie's impending decisions were evident.

Star-Packed Season Awaits Fans

This season of 'And Just Like That' has been peppered with star-studded appearances, from industry stalwarts like Tony Danza and Gloria Steinem to icons like Drew Barrymore.

Fans are still holding their breath for appearances from Sam Smith and perhaps the most awaited - Samantha Jones, originally portrayed by Kim Cattrall. Beyond her latest role, DeWitt's talents continue to shine. Recently, she voiced a character in AMC+'s animated series 'Pantheon'

Viewers can also catch her in 'The Estate' alongside Toni Collette and Anna Faris, and the gripping HBO miniseries 'The Staircase' She's set to appear in Amazon's 'The Boys' season four, introducing her as the missing mother to Jack Quaid’s Hughie Campbell. Catch 'And Just Like That' Season 2 every Thursday on HBO Max.