Hugo Wentzel Updates on Jimmy Carter and Wife's Health

Family ties revealed amidst unexpected "Claim to Fame" exit.

by Nouman Rasool
Hugo Wentzel Updates on Jimmy Carter and Wife's Health

In a riveting twist during Monday's episode of ABC's reality show "Claim to Fame," Hugo Wentzel faced elimination after mistakenly identifying Chris' famous relative as Elton John. The audience was taken aback to discover that Hugo was none other than the grandson of former U.S.

President Jimmy Carter. Emerging from the spotlight of his grandfather's legacy, Hugo is the son of Amy Carter. In an exclusive post-show interview with Entertainment Weekly, Wentzel offered insights into the health conditions of the 98-year-old former president and his grandmother, former first lady Rosalynn Carter.

"Visiting my grandfather has become increasingly challenging, especially with COVID restrictions in place," shared Wentzel. "But he knows how much we love and support him. He still keeps his mind active, listening to audiobooks.

Despite his frailty, his intellect remains sharp, and he constantly seeks mental engagement."

Rosalynn Carter's Inspiring Legacy

The Wentzel-Carter family has been in the headlines recently with the revelation of Rosalynn Carter's dementia diagnosis at the age of 95.

Expressing immense respect and love for his grandmother, Hugo said, "She has championed mental health causes throughout her life, and even as she battles dementia, those moments of clarity she occasionally has are truly heartwarming." An unexpected highlight from last week's "Claim to Fame" episode showcased a comedic misinterpretation.

Fellow contestant Chris, relying on a symbolic clue, humorously speculated that Hugo might be related to President Donald Trump. "Although the association with Trump was amusing, I'm proud of my Carter heritage," Hugo chuckled.

Hugo also touched on interactions among presidential families. "I've had the opportunity to meet the Clintons. Meeting Trump hasn’t happened, and I’m indifferent about it," he remarked. Recalling an episode where he correctly guessed Carly's famous relative as Tom Hanks, leading to her elimination, Hugo admitted feeling torn about the decision.

"We've chatted since the show, and I genuinely like her. It's a game, and I hope there's no lasting resentment." Looking ahead, Hugo expressed his support for fellow competitor Gabriel, whom he's bonded with since day one.

"He's looked out for me multiple times. I'm rooting for him to take the crown." Tune into "Claim to Fame" Mondays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on ABC to witness more revelations and surprising familial connections. Note: This interview has undergone editing for clarity and length. Stay connected with Entertainment Weekly for more exclusive interviews and updates.