WONDER WOMAN 3: Gadot Talks Plans; Jenkins Won't Return

A surprising turn in the Wonder Woman series emerges.

by Nouman Rasool
WONDER WOMAN 3: Gadot Talks Plans; Jenkins Won't Return

Gal Gadot, the iconic actress who portrays Wonder Woman in the DC Extended Universe, has confirmed plans for a third movie in the franchise but also shared some surprising news about the future direction of the series. "We are developing a third movie and we will see what happens with it," Gadot confirmed in a recent statement.

She was assuring in her words, noting that no one has discussed freezing the project with her, and she was told she was "in good hands and that I could be calm."

Jenkins Won't Return for Trilogy

The unexpected twist, however, comes with the departure of Patty Jenkins, the very talented director and Gadot's "beloved friend." Jenkins, who directed the previous two Wonder Woman films, beginning with the acclaimed 2017 debut, will not return to close out the trilogy.

Gadot shared, "We were supposed to shoot the third film now with Patty, but it won't happen." Reports suggest Jenkins' exit comes after DC Studios rejected her vision for the final installment. Her dissatisfaction with the newly formed studio's decision has become a subject of industry chatter.

The absence of Jenkins may signal a fresh start for the Amazon Warrior. Many fans and critics alike believe that bringing Wonder Woman into the present day is an essential next step. There are abundant stories left to explore with the character, and her positioning at the forefront of the Justice League, as part of the Trinity, seems inevitable.

Furthermore, a Max series titled "Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters" is in development, focusing on the early days of Themyscira. It remains unclear if this series will connect to Gadot's portrayal of Wonder Woman or if it will introduce her character in a new light.

As the news emerges amidst the SAG-AFTRA strike that began last month, the studio's stance on these developments is yet to be publicly addressed. James Gunn and DC Studios have remained silent on Gadot's comments thus far.

In summary, the future of Wonder Woman appears to be in motion, with the third installment actively in development. The departure of Jenkins marks a significant change in direction for the beloved character, sparking curiosity and anticipation about what the next chapter holds for the iconic Amazon Warrior.