Lisa Rinna Urges SAG-AFTRA Reality Stars to Boycott BravoCon

Reality star Lisa Rinna advocates for fair wages.

by Nouman Rasool
Lisa Rinna Urges SAG-AFTRA Reality Stars to Boycott BravoCon

Lisa Rinna, known for her role on "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," has taken a stand in support of fair wages for reality stars by calling on SAG-AFTRA members to boycott BravoCon. In a series of posts on her Instagram Stories, Rinna urged all SAG-AFTRA members appearing on Bravo shows to unite with former "Real Housewives of New York City" star, Bethenny Frankel, in advocating for better treatment and compensation.

"Every @Sag/aftra [member] who is on a Bravo show should boycott Bravocon," Rinna emphasized, addressing the need for reality stars to be taken seriously and paid what they deserve. She went on to repost a fan's comment suggesting that all socially-conscious Bravo fans should also support the boycott as a means of advocating for workers' rights and unions.

While Page Six reached out to Bravo for a response, the network chose not to comment on Rinna's statements. However, an exclusive source hinted that Rinna's opinion might have been different had she received an invitation to BravoCon, suggesting a hint of opportunism.

Rinna's Controversial Exit from RHOBH

Rinna, who appeared on "RHOBH" for eight seasons, recently departed from the show, describing it as the longest job of her 35-year career. Although her exit was characterized as mutual, some controversies surrounding her on- and off-camera behavior may have played a role in the decision.

One significant feud during Rinna's final season involved Kathy Hilton, leading to a clash of opinions among fans. At BravoCon last year, Rinna was even booed during a panel with her co-stars, an incident she shrugged off, claiming, "I'm a f—king rock star." Bethenny Frankel, who was a "Housewife" for several years, also chimed in on the issue, drawing attention to the financial exploitation of reality stars.

Frankel questioned why reality TV personalities were not joining the entertainment industry's fight for residuals and fair treatment. As the call for the BravoCon boycott gains traction, it highlights the growing concerns about compensation and treatment of reality stars.

Lisa Rinna and Bethenny Frankel's voices are now part of a larger conversation within the industry, prompting fans and fellow performers to consider the rights and working conditions of reality TV stars. In her advocacy, Rinna hopes to create awareness and bring about positive change in an industry that often garners headlines for drama but can sometimes overlook the well-being and rights of its participants.

Whether Bravo will respond to this call and address the concerns raised by its former stars remains to be seen. However, the voices of Rinna and Frankel are now adding momentum to a movement for fair treatment and compensation in the reality TV realm.