Zachary Levi Blames 'Toxic' Haters and Social Media for Shazam Sequel Flop

Zachary Levi addresses Shazam sequel reception with conviction.

by Nouman Rasool
Zachary Levi Blames 'Toxic' Haters and Social Media for Shazam Sequel Flop

In a powerful retort to the detractors of Shazam! Fury of the Gods, actor Zachary Levi, known for his charismatic portrayal of the titular superhero, delivered a resounding ka-pow during an episode of The FilmUp Podcast. Four months after the movie's release, Levi addressed the disappointing reception the film received from critics, landing a meager 49 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, and its underwhelming box office performance, collecting only $57 million domestically.

While discussing the possibility of another Shazam! installment, Levi expressed his genuine enjoyment of the filmmaking experience and his enthusiasm for portraying the beloved character. He acknowledged the disparity in critical and audience scores, with the latter being relatively positive.

Levi, however, expressed his bewilderment over the "oddly and perplexingly low" critics score and the subsequent onslaught of unkindness from some quarters of the audience. The actor praised director David F. Sandberg's effort in crafting a thrilling sequel, considering it a genuinely fun cinematic experience.

Despite this, Levi acknowledged the challenges posed by the ever-evolving landscape of social media, which has become a breeding ground for toxic behavior, hate, and online trolls. He believes that this shift in the online world has contributed to the fervent and vehement negativity surrounding certain projects, including Shazam!

Fury of the Gods.

Levi Defends Shazam Sequel Quality

Levi's unwavering belief in the movie's quality shines through as he refutes the harsh criticism, asserting that while the film may not be a cinematic masterpiece, it is undoubtedly a good one.

He acknowledged the changing times, highlighting how social media's influence has intensified both constructive and destructive opinions. The star's faith in the enduring legacy of Fury of the Gods remains unshaken, expressing his hope that history will eventually vindicate the film.

Levi anticipates a future where audiences will reevaluate the movie, free from the noise of biased judgments, and recognize its merits. On the other hand, director David F. Sandberg echoed Levi's sentiments regarding the critical reception, admitting that he had not anticipated a repeat of the first movie's overwhelming success.

Despite believing in the film's quality, Sandberg's experience with the relentless scrutiny soured his interest in continuing with superhero projects. Instead, he expressed a desire to return to his horror roots and venture into unexplored cinematic territories.

As the discussion surrounding Shazam! Fury of the Gods continues, it is evident that the film's fate has been impacted by a combination of factors, from marketing strategies to the changing landscape of social media. Yet, both Zachary Levi and David F.

Sandberg remain steadfast in their pride for the movie, hopeful that time will reveal its true value and pave the way for a more accepting and fair assessment of their superhero creation.