'Barbie' Soars, Earns $26M Tue for WB; 'Oppenheimer' Crosses $100M+!

Blockbuster Films Set Box Office Ablaze with Record-Breaking Numbers!

by Nouman Rasool
'Barbie' Soars, Earns $26M Tue for WB; 'Oppenheimer' Crosses $100M+!

Warner Bros. is experiencing a phenomenal week at the domestic box office, breaking records left and right with its latest release, "Barbie." After a stellar Monday, where the film raked in an impressive $26.1 million, Tuesday proved to be even more remarkable as it brought in $26 million, marking a new record for the studio on a Tuesday.

With these incredible numbers, "Barbie" has swiftly crossed the $200 million milestone in just five days, boasting an impressive total of $214.1 million. This achievement has surpassed previous Tuesday highs set by some major blockbusters from Warner Bros., including "Aquaman," which made $21.98 million on Christmas Day in 2018, and "The Dark Knight," which earned $20.8 million on July 22, 2008.

"Barbie" Dominates July's Box Office Rankings!

Notably, among all Tuesdays in July, "Barbie" claimed the fifth spot in terms of box office performance, with only a few other notable films surpassing it. These include "Spider-Man: Far From Home," which earned $39.2 million on July 2, 2019, "The Amazing Spider-Man," which made $35 million on July 3, 2012, "The Lion King," with $30.3 million on July 23, 2019, and "Transformers," which brought in $27.8 million on July 3, 2007.

Meanwhile, Universal's "Oppenheimer" is also enjoying success at the box office, remaining steady on Tuesday compared to Monday, with an additional $12 million in earnings. The total box office collection for "Oppenheimer" now stands at an impressive $107.1 million.

As the second weekend approaches, both "Barbie" and "Oppenheimer" are expected to maintain their strong momentum, with estimated weekend holds of around -55%. "Barbie" is eyeing a fantastic second weekend collection of $70 million to $72 million, while "Oppenheimer" is projected to bring in around $35 million.

However, Disney's "The Haunted Mansion" is likely to take over all premium large format screenings from "Barbie." If "The Haunted Mansion" continues to perform well, it may even surpass the $30 million mark, which is the current projection based on its pre-sales figures.

In conclusion, Warner Bros. has struck gold with "Barbie," a film that has captivated audiences and shattered box office records in just a matter of days. As both "Barbie" and "Oppenheimer" continue to thrive, the industry eagerly anticipates more impressive feats in the days to come, solidifying the summer blockbuster season of 2023 as one for the history books.

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