Sherri Shepherd's Emotional Return: The View Honors 'Cranky and Funny' Bill Geddie

Beloved Founding Producer of 'The View' Remembered Fondly

by Nouman Rasool
Sherri Shepherd's Emotional Return: The View Honors 'Cranky and Funny' Bill Geddie

The View family came together on Monday, extending beyond the Discussion Topics table to pay a heartfelt tribute to Bill Geddie, the beloved founding producer of the talk show, who passed away last week at the age of 68. As the broadcast commenced, moderator Whoopi Goldberg, who joined the show in 2007 under Geddie's tenure, fondly recalled his unique personality, describing him as 'cranky and really funny.'

She welcomed former cohost Sherri Shepherd back to the table, where they shared cherished memories of their colleague. Shepherd, who now hosts her own talk show, became emotional as she reflected on the life-changing opportunity Geddie gave her when he hired her in 2007.

As a single mother and stand-up comic with no political experience, she wasn't sure if she could relate to the audience, but Geddie saw the potential in her. Even when she made mistakes on air, he encouraged her not to apologize excessively, emphasizing the show's essence of candid discussions and diverse opinions.

Goldberg, too, acknowledged how Geddie's support helped her navigate public controversies during her time on the show. He reassured her that expressing opinions was the essence of The View, and not everyone would agree, but that was the beauty of the program.

Sunny Hostin, a permanent cohost since 2016, shared her auditions for the show in 2006 after Star Jones' departure. Geddie candidly advised her after her initial audition, urging her to actively participate rather than passively observe during the audition.

Before airing a moving montage of Geddie's achievements and memorable moments on the show, Goldberg paid a touching tribute to her friend, expressing her gratitude for the opportunity he provided her, which led to her long-standing role on The View.

Bill Geddie's Enduring TV Legacy

In a statement, The View confirmed Geddie's passing and praised his remarkable contributions to television. He co-created the show with Barbara Walters in 1997 and served as its executive producer for 17 years.

Under his guidance, The View became a pioneering talk show, providing a platform for diverse voices and opinions. His dedication and vision brought together notable cohosts, including Rosie O'Donnell, Star Jones, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, and the current cohosts, Goldberg and Joy Behar.

Geddie's impact extended beyond his work in television. He was cherished as a devoted husband and father by his family. As a testament to his influence, The View wouldn't have thrived without his creative genius and passion for storytelling.

As the show honored his legacy, The View family expressed their love and condolences to his wife Barbara and their two daughters, Allison and Lauren. Bill Geddie's legacy will forever remain in the hearts of those he inspired, and the influence he left on television will continue to shape the industry he loved so much.