America Ferrera: Pressure of Meryl Streep-Approved Barbie Monologue

Ryan Gosling praises America Ferrera's TED Talk impact.

by Nouman Rasool
America Ferrera: Pressure of Meryl Streep-Approved Barbie Monologue

During a heartfelt interview with Entertainment Weekly's "Around the Table" segment, Hollywood star Ryan Gosling expressed his admiration for America Ferrera's thought-provoking TED Talk and her compelling monologue in the movie "Barbie." The acclaimed actress and activist, known for her Emmy-winning role in "Ugly Betty," was visibly moved by Gosling's praise and appreciation.

Their conversation touched upon Ferrera's TED Talk titled "My Identity Is a Superpower," where she passionately spoke about the importance of embracing one's true self in a society that often perpetuates non-inclusivity and repression.

Gosling wholeheartedly praised the talk, acknowledging its powerful message and its personal resonance with him. This touching endorsement left Ferrera humbled and grateful for the recognition from her co-star. In "Barbie," Ferrera played the character Gloria, a Mattel employee from the real world who forms a special bond with Margot Robbie's Stereotypical Barbie.

The film follows Gloria and Stereotypical Barbie, along with a rebellious character named Allan portrayed by Michael Cera, as they try to restore Barbie Land after it falls under the control of Kens, led by Gosling's character, Ken.

The Barbies become brainwashed and submissive, and it is Gloria's impassioned monologue that helps break the spell and restore them to their true selves.

Ferrera's Empowering Monologue Triumphs

Recalling the experience of delivering the powerful monologue, Ferrera admitted to feeling both daunted and anxious, especially given Meryl Streep's approval of the scene.

With Greta Gerwig directing, Ferrera found the trust and freedom to tap into the truth-telling essence of the moment. The scene, shot at Weird Barbie's dreamhouse, resonated deeply with audiences, evoking applause and critical acclaim for its empowering themes and authenticity.

Critics and fans alike have hailed "Barbie" for its fierce feminism and Gerwig's attention to detail, elevating it beyond typical cash-grab adaptations. The film quickly gained cultural significance even before its release, generating anticipation through leaked set photos and teasers featuring the iconic doll.

Margot Robbie, a producer on the film, expressed her appreciation for Barbie's complex legacy, noting how the movie represents the character's next evolution. With Ferrera's stirring performance and Gosling's heartfelt recognition, "Barbie" has solidified itself as a powerful and empowering addition to the iconic doll's journey.

In conclusion, America Ferrera's TED Talk and her role in "Barbie" have left a lasting impact, resonating with audiences and fellow actors alike. Gosling's earnest admiration for Ferrera's work further emphasizes the importance of genuine storytelling and powerful performances in the world of entertainment.

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