Star Wars Outlaws' Cryptic Director Tease Suggests Cooking System

Star Wars Outlaws brings potential surprises for fans.

by Nouman Rasool
Star Wars Outlaws' Cryptic Director Tease Suggests Cooking System

The mysteries of extraterrestrial gastronomy in the Star Wars universe might soon be unveiled, all thanks to the upcoming game, Star Wars Outlaws, and its enigmatic hint by Ubisoft Massive's Creative Director, Julian Gerighty.

The possibility was suggested during a panel at the San Diego Comic-Con, where Gerighty, alongside other key game developers, discussed finer details about Tatooine, the iconic desert planet, and their newly conceived location, Toshara, an intriguing moon.

The conversation meandered through various aspects of the game's universe, touching upon elements like speeders and the geographical beauty of the new landscapes.

Toshara's Mysterious Reveals

As the discussion concluded, Gerighty left the audience tantalized with a teaser of two exciting features that players might encounter on the moon, Toshara.

"There are a couple surprises I don’t want to spoil," he cautioned, before going on to reveal, "There is a particular predator on Toshara that is mind-blowingly cool. So if you have a fear of frogs, this might not be the game for you.

It’s okay, it’s very rare." The second teaser proved more exciting for fans of alien cuisine. Gerighty suggested, "Food is incredibly important to the world of Star Wars. And if you enjoy food and discovering alien concoctions, this is going to be an exciting experience for you." With these cryptic words, fans are left to wonder: Did Gerighty just hint at a potential cooking system within Star Wars Outlaws? The idea is intriguing and not entirely impossible.

Modern games, particularly those set in open worlds, often include intricate cooking systems. The Star Wars universe, however, has seldom delved into the realm of interactive culinary experiences, save for some official cookbooks.

Thus, if Outlaws is indeed planning to introduce an immersive cooking system, it signifies a profound shift, providing the audience an unprecedented opportunity to explore the diverse alien cuisine that the galaxy has to offer. Perhaps we'll even have the chance to brew some blue milk ourselves.