Samuel L. Jackson Speaks on 'A Time to Kill' and Lost Oscars


Samuel L. Jackson Speaks on 'A Time to Kill' and Lost Oscars
Samuel L. Jackson Speaks on 'A Time to Kill' and Lost Oscars

Samuel L. Jackson, Hollywood's revered star, recently took a reflective look at his impressive career during an interview with Vulture. Now 74, the actor known for a wide range of powerful performances cited a particular project that didn't unfold as he had envisioned: Joel Schumacher's 1996 film, "A Time to Kill".

In the film, Jackson delivers a strong performance as a father who stands trial for killing the two men responsible for the brutal attack on his daughter. Speaking candidly, Jackson shared that his character's motivation was rooted in ensuring his daughter knew that her assailants were no longer a threat and would never harm her again.

This fatherly protectiveness shaped his portrayal throughout the movie. Jackson stated, "In 'A Time to Kill,' when I kill those guys, I kill them because my daughter needs to know that those guys are not on the planet anymore and they will never hurt her again — that I will do anything to protect her." However, Jackson contends that the final cut of the film conveyed a different narrative for his character, one that suggested calculated planning to evade capture.

This, he argues, was a deviation from the original portrayal he had brought to life.

Directorial Choices and Their Consequences

Upon seeing the finished film, Jackson recalls his surprise and frustration, stating, "When I saw it, I was sitting there like, 'What the ----?'".

The removal of key scenes during the editing process not only transformed his character's narrative but also, according to Jackson, cost him a chance at the Oscar. Having been previously nominated for an Oscar for his performance in 1994's "Pulp Fiction," Jackson's disappointment was palpable.

He lamented, "Really, ------- You just took that ---- from me?" He vividly recalls a particularly emotive scene from his first day on the set of "A Time to Kill". A heartfelt speech that brought the entire set to tears was among those discarded from the final film.

"That ---- is not in the movie!", exclaimed Jackson, still disheartened by the decision. Jackson concluded his thoughts on the matter by expressing his ongoing bewilderment at similar directorial choices he has encountered throughout his career.

"That was one of the first times that I saw that ---- happen," he said. "There are things that I’ve done in other movies where I said, 'Wait a minute. Why did you take that moment out of the movie?' Because the moment, in that movie, it’s bigger than the movie."